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Beauty Finds: Clinique Dark Spot Remover

Even those of us who shun the sun or douse ourselves liberally with sunscreen have some sun damage. There used to be a ton of products on the market with harsh chemicals in them that worked, but they’ve disappeared from store shelves. Well, we have one that really works! It’s called Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Remover!

Clinique Dark Spot RemoverClinique Dark Spot Remover

We tried this one and believe it or not…but you should believe it…our sun spots got lighter! It even lessened acne scars on some of our testers! But the best part of all? It’s safe for all ethnicities and skin tones! That wasn’t always the case with products from the past.

This product has a CL-302 complex and is full of powerful antioxidants, but it’s gentle enough to use every day, twice a day, even on sensitive skin. You’ll see a difference in four weeks and full results can be expected in 12 weeks. Take pictures to prove it to yourself!

In their own clinical trials, Clinique’s dermatologist-developed serum produced a 53% improvement in skin tone. We don’t have a percentage for ourselves, but it made an incredibly visible difference and we felt good about using something that didn’t have health warnings all over the bottle. One caveat: You must use sunscreen. Well, you should be doing that anyway. That’s how you got the uneven skin in the first place, silly. You’ve been warned.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Remover is available at and retails for $50.

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