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Beauty Finds: Cargo EyeLighter

In today’s Beauty Finds, we’ve got a product that will give you doe eyes and make you look like you got more than four hours of sleep. This one is a makeup artist favorite and we just know you’ll love it, too. Check out Cargo’s EyeLighter.

Cargo's EyeLighter

Cargo’s EyeLighter

This little two-in-one product has shadow pre-loaded into sponges on each end. The rounded tip applies matte white or gold shadow to the outside corners of the eyes. This takes away that bit of redness that sometimes lingers with allergies or lack of sleep. It also gives the corners of the eyes a flattering illusion of an upward tilt.

The pointy tip (they’re labeled, by the way) has a shimmery shadow, again in white or gold, that opens up the inner corners of the eyes. You can even do the inner corners of the lids. We’ve all got a little bit of purple near the inner corners. It’s all a part of those pesky dark circles, but one that most people don’t address. The shimmer shadow reflects light and disguises the flaws. Just remember to blend!

We’re curious about your favorite beauty tips. What product has changed your life? Let us know in the comments section!

Cargo’s EyeLighter is available at and retails for $20.

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