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5 Easy ways to update your house for fall

Your days at the beach may be running out, but there’s no use crying over spilled sunscreen. Instead, say goodbye to the sunburns and the windblown hair, and say hello to a chenille afghan, a good book and a warm cup of cocoa. As temperatures cool down, use these simple tips to warm up your home with some seasonal decor.

1Use nature to your advantage

Follow nature’s lead to adapt your decor to the changing seasons. Collect some leaves and branches as they begin to fall from the trees. Use these natural materials to create beautiful centerpieces, table settings and even wreaths. Arrange them in vases or glass canisters, or use them as individual accents near picture frames and sculptures. To add some sparkle, use a touch of gold spray paint, or coat them with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Use fresh flowers

2First impressions matter

Why decorate a room with little use? Instead, focus on the areas that see the most traffic. Porches, entryways and foyers are the first places your guests see when they visit your home. Create a welcoming first impression by planting autumn flowers, hanging a wreath on the front door, and placing a large floral arrangement on the console table in the foyer. Go all out in these areas, but reduce seasonal decor to something more manageable throughout the rest of your home. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home if you maintain proper balance between seasonal decor and your everyday style.

Door wreath for fall

3Frame it

Find fall-themed images by browsing the Web, tearing photos from a magazine or snapping shots of common areas in your neighborhood. When you’ve found prints that inspire you, change out pictures around the house. Create vignettes on bookcases, bedside tables, countertops and desks. Exchange frames among rooms until you get the look you want. Changing out the images you’ve framed will completely update the look of your room without a hefty price tag, and you can easily replace the images when the season is through.

Click here to download the “Grateful Hearts” printable >>

Frame it - Fall wall art

4Don’t forget the produce aisle

Fall is all about nature, so bring as many natural elements into your home as possible — and don’t forget the groceries. Using produce items such as apples, pears, corn, squash, pumpkins, gourds and acorns is a great way to add some flavor to your space. Arrange these items in baskets, canisters and bowls, along with candles, branches and leaves. If you’re going fresh, be sure to keep these items in high-traffic areas so you can monitor them for spoilage. Kitchens are an obvious choice for produce decor, but you can use them also in the family room, dining room or even on the porch.

Focus on fruits and veggies

5Accent with style

The most important thing to consider when decorating for fall is your existing scheme. Instead of choosing accents that scream, “I’m only used three months per year,” choose items you would enjoy year-round that happen to complement a fall theme. Look for warm colors, exciting prints and unique textures; then, layer your space with seasonal touches and personal style. If you need fall-flavored accents, stores such as Home Goods have great selections without the high price tags. Take photographs of your room with you when you shop, and refer to them often. This will help you visualize an item as it relates to your space, and helps reduce the likelihood of impulse purchases.

Accent with style

DIYCraft idea

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