How to decorate your coffee table

A coffee table pulls a room together and a well-decorated one can complete the entire look of a room. How do you keep your coffee table from being a catchall? Here are some purposeful design tips for a well decorated coffee table.

Positioned in front of your sofa, the coffee table is the perfect showcase for your favorite collectibles, books or travel mementoes. The key is using this available space to showcase your room’s decor and accent pieces without throwing everything on this convenient catchall.
When decorating your coffee table, keep in mind the size and shape of the table as well as the lightness or heaviness of the table and surrounding furniture. You will also want to use items that pick up on the hues of the room, either subtly or blatantly. Whether you use one large accent piece or several smaller ones, your goal is to achieve balance and harmony with the rest of the room. Try these ideas for decorating your coffee table.

Stick to a theme

Whether the theme of the coffee table follows throughout the room or stands alone, try mixing different pieces with a common theme. Seashells in a shell-shaped dish grouped with an iridescent sea-blue vase alongside a stack of ocean life books or magazines is one example of a theme. Grouping three vases of varying sizes next to a glass rose sculpture could be another theme. Mix and match items you already own and love, and you’ll be surprised at how many are among the same theme and will work well on your coffee table.

Stick to a theme

2Mix and match accents

You don’t need everything to match perfectly in order to achieve balance and harmony. Mix and match items which have the same use but look completely different. These three styles of candle lamps mix well together because they all vary in style and size. Try this look with decorative bowls, ceramic jars, glass vases or bronze candlesticks. Contrast the look by adding a wood, ceramic or glass sculpture on the other end of the table. Be sure to consider the size and weight of the coffee table before choosing the size of accent pieces.

Mix and match accents

3Use bold accent pieces

Place your favorite accent pieces on a tray to pull their theme together and add another bold piece on the other side of the table to maintain balance. Use items you’ve collected while traveling or ones you’ve simply collected throughout your life. Collection pieces make good conversation starters. Big, bold accents are at home on a heavy or large coffee table that isn’t too high.

Use bold accent pieces

4Keep the room décor in mind

When choosing accent pieces for your coffee table, keep the room décor in mind. A rustic room décor should feature simple, rustic pieces while a bold, colorful décor should call for bright, shiny accents. Color and texture should also be considered as with this woven basket on a rustic-style table. The primitive fruit in the basket blend well with the tones in the room while adding subtle color. If your room décor is modern, with bold colors and shiny furniture, you will want to choose accent pieces that reflect that style in both color and texture. For the perfect coffee table accents, find pieces you love which reflect your style and artfully display them.

Keep the room décor in mind

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