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Home decor: When to splurge vs. save


We all want our home to look like it came out of the pages of a magazine, but most of us don’t have that kind of budget to spend. When it comes to buying home furnishing and accessories, designers suggest sticking to this rule: splurge on items that get the greatest amount of use and save on the items you know you will want to change often. And if you are the creative type, you may choose to take an inexpensive item and create one that looks like you’ve spent a fortune. Here are tips on when to splurge and when to save on home decor.

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1Buy high-end focal pieces

Every room has pieces of furniture which are the main focal points of the room. These focal points are where you should spend your money to buy the pieces you will enjoy using for many years. Splurge on a sturdy, comfortable sofa made of durable fabric that will stand up against time. Save on end tables, accent pillows, lamps and decorative items. These are items that you will want to change out often. Buy a comfortable bed and splurge on bed linens and comforters. This is where you relax and fall asleep, so comfort is key. Save on nightstands, throw pillows and wall décor. In the bathroom, spend your money on tile, great countertops and a sturdy cabinet with fabulous pulls or knobs. Spend less on a decorative shower curtain, towels and accent pieces because these are items you will want to change.

2Look expensive but spend less

A few good pieces can give the illusion that everything you own is expensive. Upgrade your sofa with a luxurious cashmere throw and one or two accent pillows in the latest colors to give your living room an updated, elegant touch. Add a few silver accent pieces, like a decorative bowl on the coffee table or photo frames on the mantle, to add luster to the room. One unique piece of art on the wall can draw the eye and give the room a feeling of originality. You may have splurged on only a few items in your home, but it looks and feels like you are living the high life.

3Create a splurge from a save

West Elm Hanging Capiz Pendant

Do you just love a certain piece yet can’t justify the cost? Be creative and make the piece yourself. Buy an inexpensive end table at a discount store like HomeGoods and paint or refinish it to look like you’ve spent a fortune. Take a piece of furniture you already own and reinvent it into the piece you want. Recover an old chair (it’s easier than you think) or paint an old lamp with a new trendy color. Want that expensive chandelier for over your dining room table? Buy an inexpensive fixture and turn it into the chandelier of your dreams. Blogger Kelli Uhrich did it and so can you. Finding inspiration from the high-end pieces you love and using a bit of creativity, you can make a beautiful item that looks like you splurged but instead spent far less.

4Save on accents and seasonal items

It’s the little things that turn a room into a charming, cozy home, but you don’t have to break the bank to fill your home with these small accent pieces. While you may want to splurge on one or two beautiful items like a floor vase, a ceramic bowl or a clock for your mantle, you can use other inexpensive items to fill a room with warmth. A cluster of scented candles, a large basket full of throw pillows, or a grouping of your favorite small collectibles on a decorative tray helps fill the empty spaces in a room with style. When buying seasonal items that you change out often, wait until they are on sale to buy them. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas accents can charm a room but shouldn’t hurt your wallet.

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