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Beauty Finds: Love That White Smile

In today’s Beauty Finds, we have a tooth whitener that won’t cause sensitivity and keeps your smile pearly white. Check out Love That White Smile.

Love That White Smile

Love That White Smile

We’ve all tried tooth whiteners that work in five hours or four or three or two. The thing that makes them similar? They all make your teeth so sensitive that even your own breath makes them ache. Ever heard the phrase ”slow and steady wins the race?” Well, Love That White Smile may not work in hours, but it works pretty darn fast. It also allows you to keep eating ice cream without screaming in pain. What good is a pretty white smile when all you can do is grimace?

We tried Love That White Smile, which requires you to add a pump of foam number one and foam number two to your toothbrush (after you brush your teeth in the normal way). You brush again for 60 seconds, twice a day, which can’t be bad, no matter what. After you’ve reached your desired brightness, you use the maintenance foam to keep your smile glowing. No trays, no strips…just brushing!

We used this for 30 days (which is what you get in one package) and it made a huge difference. In fact, the difference happens pretty quickly. And believe me, there was ice cream eating during this time! It’s hot out here in Los Angeles, even though it’s September! Yup, we’re fans for life.

Love That White Smile is available from and retails for $40 for the whitening system and the maintenance system.

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