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Save/Splurge: Body wash

It’s such an everyday thing, body wash. There are so many out there and you always need a change. In this week’s Save/Splurge, we’ve got two of our current favorites. DARPHIN Gel Aromatique Aux Algues Bain et Douche and Ulta 3-In-1 Beauty Smoothie.

Save/Splurge: Body WashSplurge

First off, we’ll look at the splurge. DARPHIN has so many wonderful products that it’s hard not to recommend them all. This body wash smells like angels poured it down from the heavens. Okay, maybe not that, but it’s really good. Do note that it’s a very strong scent, so make sure you love it. This fantastic foamy liquid is enriched with a blend of six essential oils and algae extract. Also, it works great as a bubble bath.

Now, this is just a personal note, but when my dog got skunked recently, I grabbed the first liquid wash I had on hand. I didn’t realize what I had in my hand until it was on the dog. (Lucky dog…unless you count the skunking.) But lo and behold, the dog smelled extra fancy afterwards. Now, I’m not claiming anything about DARPHIN’s de-skunking properties. I’m just saying I could sleep in the same room with him.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have Ulta’s 3-In-1 Beauty Smoothie. We have to say, we’re in love with Ulta’s store brand products, from their eyeliners and lipliners to their nail polishes to their makeup. We also love their body washes, which come in ten different scents, like Go Go Guava and Buttercream Delight. They also frequently bring out holiday scents, and at a mere $16 for a giant bottle, they’re a steal.

DARPHIN Gel Aromatique Aux Algues Bain et Douche is available at and retails for $40.

Ulta 3-In-1 Beauty Smoothie is available at and retails for $16.

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