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The Rachel Zoe Project’s Joey Maalouf gives fall fashion tips

The Rachel Zoe Project is back for Season 4 and we’ve got Zoe’s personal hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf spilling his top tips for looking fly this fall.

Rachel Zoe and Joey Maalouf

Rachel Zoe may be solely responsible for her impeccable wardrobe choices, but it is her BFF Joey Maalouf who keeps this busy fashionista looking fabulous from head to toe. Joey, who is currently tackling Fashion Week in NYC with Zoe and promoting Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project, took a break from his busy schedule to give SheKnows the scoop on what’s hot for fall.

“Model Off-Duty” Hair

Joey tells SheKnows that he and Rachel are currently “obsessed” with no-fuss hair.

“Rachel and I call it model off-duty,” Joey tells us. “When you’re in New York during Fashion Week, you see models before fashion shows and they just took a shower and their hair is air-drying. I just really love the effortless look.”

How to do-it-yourself:

  1. After showering, let hair air dry naturally.
  2. Take a curling iron to just a few key pieces.
  3. Leave the rest of your hair natural.
  4. Tousle, lightly hairspray and go.

Makeup as an accessory

Less is more for Joey. He says the key to looking fab this fall is keeping most of your face neutral and using lipstick or mascara for fun pops of color.

“Go light on your foundation and then throw on a bright lip and it will dress up any outfit,” say Joey. “Mascara and lip stick are like earrings and a bracelet are to an outfit.”

Make up tips for fall

Beauty tips to try:

  1. Make your pout pop. “I think purple was so popular for so long, now I’m obsessed with a deep red, wine color,” says Joey.
  2. Focus on skin. “The more moisturized and healthy your skin looks, the younger and more fabulous you look. I lather myself in Rodin oil* everyday,” Joey tells us. *Available at Barney’s.
  3. Find the right foundation and concealer. “This should be your main goal. Everything else is just an accessory,” says Joey.

Joey Maalouf, The Rachel Zoe Project

Working with Rachel, Joey always finds out firsthand what looks people are going to go bananas for. Besides the usual Zoe staples — sequins and faux fur — Joey tells us what’s in and what’s out this season.

What's in and what's out

What’s In:

  1. The Androgynous Woman. Sleek and chic power suits are making a comeback.
  2. Earthy tones. Mustard yellow and camel will be your go-tos this fall.
  3. Hip accessories. Add pops of color and texture to your wardrobe basics for a fresh look.

What’s Out:

  1. Spikes on everything. A little heavy metal is ok. Looking like you just walked out of Hot Topic is not.
  2. Head to toe trends. Don’t go overboard on a look. Try out trends with one piece per outfit and keep the rest of your wardrobe timeless.
  3. Over-thinking your outfit. Fashion should be fun. Fill your closet with grab-and-go staples to avoid spending hours in front of the mirror debating your duds.

For more of Joey and Rachel’s styling tips, watch Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project Tuesdays at 10/9 CST on Bravo

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