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Dress up your favorite sweater

The opening of the fall season means plans for holiday parties are under way. Social calendars ramp up between September and December. And for many women, so do school and work responsibilities. Don’t skip out on a great time because you don’t have time to run home and change. With just a few items and few extra minutes, you can transform that simple sweater into something gorgeous. Here’s how:

1Dress up a sweaterSlip on a scarf

One way to quickly transform a plain sweater is to slip on a long, sleeveless top sweater. Today’s most popular styles are designed to resemble long, thick scarves hanging in waves down each side of your body and look fab with a plain crewneck or turtleneck sweater.

Speaking of scarves, a dramatic animal print (like this one by Sabina Les), floral or metallic scarf is a quick and easy glam boost. Learn a few scarf tying, layering and folding tricks and the options are endless. Lay one smoothly over your chest and tuck the ends beneath a cowl neck sweater to resemble a top. Remember, there’s nothing in the rule book that says you have to wear a scarf around your neck, though. Tie a long, thin scarf around your waist as a colorful belt or use it as a headband.

2Add color

Add a punch of color to a long sweater with a vividly hued belt. We adore this bright-colored, soft-hued belt that combines natural materials and rustic metals for a globally inspired, eclectic look. This piece by The Andean Collection was crafted by the immensely talented artisans living in impoverished communities in South America. Purchases help fund initiatives to help address social and poverty related issues in those communities.

When the work day is done, switch out that string of pearls for a bold bib necklace or a long, multi-stringed necklace. These looks will dress up a crewneck or V-neck sweater. Large bib necklaces also work well with cowl necks.

3Get crafty

One fashionable element of the tight economy of late is the rise in beautiful, affordable hand-made embellishments. Indie designers are creating one-of-a-kind necklaces and pins that rival designs you’d see in a high-end boutiques. This black and white, news paper-inspired floral lapel pin with feather and silver charm by Broken Ghost Couture gives an eye-catching element on a plain sweater or on the lapel of a cardigan.

It’s not always what goes on your sweater, but what’s under and around it that can dress it up. Rev up a neutral hued sweater’s look with a brightly colored or metallic camisole or sheath dress. Add a 1940s fedora hat with floral or feather detail and carry a to-die-for clutch. With a little creativity, your boring little sweater becomes a hot little number.

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