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Get creative with your empty fireplace

Whether you have a fireplace that doesn’t work (or hasn’t been used in decades), you just don’t care to use it or you’re looking for something fun to do with this space during the warmer months, you’ll love these fireplace alternatives! Here are three ways to put that empty fireplace to use.

Empty fireplace with candles

Bust out the paint for a colorful makeover

It’s not an easy task, but painting the inside of your unused fireplace a fun color to add a pop in the room is a great way to move it from boring to interesting. Prepping the fireplace for paint is the trickiest part — especially if the fireplace has been used heavily in the past. You’re going to have to really scrub and clean the brick to make sure all of the soot is removed, which will allow the paint to stick. Even though you may not be using this as a fireplace right now, you’ll still want to use a high-temperature paint inside of your fireplace to make sure it is safe to use in the future, just in case you change your mind.

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Fill up the empty space with something interesting

Quit letting that unused fireplace be just a waste of space in your home and put it to use by filling it up with something decorative. Try filling it from top to bottom with all those old books collecting dust in your closet — stack them in all different directions to make sure they fit tightly in the space — or pick up cool vintage books at a local used bookstore for a fun look.

To give your fireplace a woodsy look, fill it up with pretty logs that will make you feel like your home is a cozy ski cottage in the mountains. Pick logs that are small and round so that the firewood stacked in your fireplace looks like decor, not just a spot to stash your extra timber.

Not into books or logs? Pick something you find meaningful or something that fits with the current decor of your home — and fill up your fireplace!

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Make your fireplace glow with candles

If you aren’t using your fireplace because you aren’t into all the mess of building a fire, but you still love that warm glow that a fireplace produces, try filling up your fireplace with candles instead of wood. You can buy scentless pillar candles for not much money; for the best effect, we suggest filling your empty fireplace with as many candles as you can, in varying sizes and heights. Light them to give the same pretty warm glow that a fire in your fireplace would, but without the hassle of tending a real fire!

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