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Blog reading made easy

Blogs are the hottest way that people are getting up-to-the-second information about what’s going on in all areas of their life — from technology to politics to celebrities to parenting. The question is, what’s the best way to read all of your favorites and keep them organized?

1Google ReaderGoogle Reader

Naturally, Google has a product to keep all of your favorite blogs organized. Google Reader is one of the most popular RSS-feed readers because it integrates into your other Google accounts easily — including Blogger, Gmail, Google+ and more — and is also user-friendly and simple. New to reading blogs? You can follow other Google Reader users to see what blogs they’re reading.


We’re lovin’ bloglovin’ — first of all, it’s the best looking of any blog reader, with bright colors and a youthful feel. Get started on bloglovin’ by searching for your favorite blogs by name. You can just type in a keyword from the blog title to easily find what you’re looking for, which is perfect when you can’t remember the name of that blog your best friend was gushing about over drinks last night. Bloglovin’ also has a fantastic, easy-to-use system to “like” specific posts that you want to keep or save for later.


For Windows users who are looking for a step up from simple blog readers, FeedDemon is a successful option. You can download this free program from their website, which will allow you to subscribe to your favorite blogs, websites, news feeds and more. We love that you can also subscribe to specific keywords, so if you want to have everything related to “Fashion Week 2011” added to your feed, it’s easy to do without spending an entire morning sifting through Google search results.


If you’re a blog reading Mac user of any kind, then NetNewsWire will be your new best friend. It’s available as a program download for your desktop or laptop Mac, and as an app for your iPad or iPhone; it integrates your blogs, plus any other news feeds or websites that you follow into one program that can be viewed on more than one device. Twitter addicts will love NetNewsWire — they’re compatible with each other so that you can tweet your favorite blog posts straight from NetNewsWire.


Believe it or not, good old Facebook is a great, easy way to keep up on your favorite blogs — nearly every blog has its own Facebook page now, so you can “Like” it and have blog updates appear in your Facebook feed. Using Facebook to keep up with blogs also gets bonus points because you can access Facebook from every single smartphone available, meaning you’ll never have to let your unread blog list get out of control.

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