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5 Ultra slim iPhone cases

Just because you want to protect your phone from bumps, falls and scratches doesn’t mean you have to add a bulky case to it to keep it safe. Skins and ultra-thin cases for the iPhone 4 are the perfect solution — and these are some of the funnest, most creative options available! Check out these five super-slim iPhone 4 cases.

1The thinnest of the thin

When you’re truly serious about a protective case that won’t get in the way of the function of your iPhone 4, the invisibleShield by Zagg is the best option available. It’s made from high-tech, military-grade material that sticks directly on your iPhone, creating a layer of protection that you won’t even be able to detect. $15-$25, depending on coverage

invisibleShield by Zagg


2Slim but colorful

Having a protective iPhone cover and being fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive — check out these options from Case-Mate, one of the leading iPhone online case retailers. Their Barely There line comes in bright, bold colors — including neons — while fitting closely to your iPhone 4 to keep it safe. The Barely There Electric cases (shown) are available in electric pink, orange and green. $25

Slim, but colorful


3Go natural

If you’re looking for a thin iPhone 4 case that is also super-unique and funky, check out these Real Wood iPhone Skins, available on Etsy. Each skin is made from 100 percent wood veneer, cut perfectly to fit on your iPhone. We love that each skin is different, based on the piece of wood it’s cut from, so there’s no fear of having the same case as every other iPhone user. Colored wood veneer skins are also available. $25

Real Wood iPhone Skins

4Express yourself

With so many options available in iPhone 4 skins, picking a design to fit your personality, style, hobbies or current hair color is easy and affordable — you can switch skins in the blink of an eye, making iPhone skins almost as big of an accessory as the iPhones themselves! GelaSkins is a great resource for expressive skins — choose from more than 100 artists or try creating your own skin artwork on their website. $15 and up


5Transform your iPhone

Another great thing about iPhone skins is that you can transform your iPhone into anything you’d like, just by sticking on a skin. For instance, this retro camera skin, available on Etsy, makes your iPhone look like an old-school camera, while still protecting it from scratches. Plus, it’s waterproof — you can take this skin off, rinse it with water and re-stick it anytime. $9

Retro Camera Skin,

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