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Best fall outerwear trends for apple-shaped figures

When you’re shopping for a new fall coat, consider your body shape. Look for outerwear that will accentuate your assets while hiding your figure flaws. Check out these fall outerwear trends for apple-shaped figures.

Apple-shaped women generally have slim shoulders as well as slender hips and legs. When these ladies gain weight, it all goes to their tummy area. By picking the right outerwear, however, any figure type can look fantastic all season long.

Everyone looks bigger than they are in a bulky coat. However, apple-shaped women need to be extra-careful when purchasing fall outerwear. Because you carry most of your weight in your midsection, you need to look for coats and jackets that will trim the look of this region.

Single-breasted coats

Single-breasted coat

Elongate and slim the appearance of your torso with a traditional wool coat that is at least hip-length. Single-breasted coats are more slimming than the double-breasted variety.

Trench coats

Classic trench

A classic trench coat is a fabulous option for apple-shaped figures this fall. Trench coats are sophisticated and timeless. The belt will give the illusion of a more defined waist.

Styles to avoid

Though puffer coats are cute, they are a poor choice for apple-shaped women. Also stay away from boxy or cropped jackets that finish at your waistline. Long, swing coats are a nice option and can help balance out your body without overwhelming it.

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