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Best fall sweater trends for apple-shaped figures

Check out some of the latest fall sweater trends that are perfectly suited for your apple-shaped figure.

Women with apple-shaped figures carry most of their weight in the middle, with an undefined waist and a large stomach. Some apple shapes are thicker at the waistline and are referred to as diamond shaped, while other are thicker in the lower abdomen and are often called oval shapes. Both of these body styles are considered apple-shaped figures and have the same goal — to create the illusion of a longer, slimmer torso.

Dolman-sleeve sweaters
Dolman-sleeved sweater

Dolman sleeves are a hot trend for fall and can work well with an apple-shaped figure. Your sweater should be hip-length and feature a draped neckline.

Oversized cardigan sweaters
Oversize cardigan

Apple-shaped women should avoid clothing that is tightly fitted. A semi-loose cardigan is a fabulous choice for fall. The key is finding a sweater that flows through the waist. Nordic and Fair Isle patterns also are on-trend for fall.

styles to avoid

The proper undergarments are important for all body types, but especially apples. An ill-fitting bra can create bulges in all the wrong places. Also, choose shapewear with plenty of support to flatten and slim down your midsection. Avoid pleated pants and skirts, as well as sweaters and tops that hit at the waistline.

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