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At-home manicure must-haves

An at-home manicure should go well beyond a simple slick of nail polish: It should leave your hands feeling soft, fresh and beautiful. Pick up these nine at-home manicure must-haves, and you’ll have enviable hands in no time flat.

manicure must haves

1Become Nail Strengthener

If you struggle with weak or brittle nails, Become Nail Strengther might just be the miracle you’ve been awaiting. For best results, apply a thin coat of this product for four days before you perform your at-home manicure. On the day of your manicure, remove the Become Nail Strengthener and brace yourself for a surprise: noticeably stronger nails.


2Soaking bowl

Before you get your manicure started, you have to prepare your skin and nails for pampering. Fill a bowl with warm water and soak your hands for five to 10 minutes.

3Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs

Once you’ve finished soaking your hands, buff away your dead skin cells to reveal younger, fresher, more beautiful skin. The Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs come in four luxuriant scents to give you a true spa experience. The sugar gently and naturally exfoliates dead skin without causing irritation, while the shea butter and vitamin C help keep skin looking soft and young.

shea scrub

4Carmex Healing Lotion

After exfoliating your hands, moisturize your skin to keep your hands soft. Carmex Healing Lotion has ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe that are designed to seal in moisture and heal damage caused by the environment. Your hands feel great during your at-home manicure, and the healing benefits will continue to work throughout the day.


5CND Cuticle Eraser

To prep your nails for polish, you must soften and eliminate cuticles that build up on the surface of your nails. Pick up CND’s Cuticle Eraser, an alpha-hydroxy treatment that helps exfoliate cuticles and prevent buildup and hang nails.

cuticle eraser

6Soft-grit file

Beautiful nails must be shaped well and be free of jagged edges. You can pick up a soft-grit nail file that will do the trick for less than $2 at the drugstore.

7Julep Ridge Filler

If the surface of your nails looks ridged or uneven, try Julep’s Ridge Filler, a basecoat that smoothes rough, ridged nails to create an even surface for nail polish. The result will be so flawless that your friends will think you had your manicure professionally done. Plus, $1 of your purchase will be donated to organizations that support women through Julep’s Powered by Girlfriends programs.

ridge filler

8Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish & Top Coat

Any woman who has ever stepped into a nail salon knows just how strong the chemicals in nail products can be. To avoid the toxins in traditional nail products, pick up Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish and Top Coat. These polishes were developed by doctors and designed to provide a healthier alternative to commercial nail polish. They’re perfect for pregnant women, children and other chemically sensitive individuals. Plus, it’s the first nail polish to win the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association.


9OmegaLabs USA Nail Art Striper Brush

No manicure is complete without a little extra personality. The OmegaLabs USA Nail Art Striper Brush allows you to quickly and easily add details that have traditionally been the sole creation of professional nail artists. With 18 fashion-forward colors from which to choose, you can try striping, polka dots or colorblocking to jazz up your nails’ look.

nail striper

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