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5 Ways to use Carmex healing lotion

Carmex Healing Lotion is one of those incredible beauty buys that should have a spot on every woman’s counter. Not only is it a great daily moisturizer for your entire body, but you also can use it to soothe and calm scaly, itchy or irritated skin. Check out these five ways you can use this miracle in a tube.

applying lotion to legs

1After-workout wonder

If you exercise regularly, chances are you’ve developed calluses and rough spots on your hands and feet. You may write this off as the price of an otherwise rockin’ body, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Soften up your hands and feet by applying Carmex Healing Lotion after your post-workout shower. Place a fresh pair of socks over your lubed-up feet to help seal in the moisture for maximum benefit.

2Sun-parched soother

Even if you’ve religiously applied sunscreen during your family’s beach vacation,all that extra sun exposure likely has sapped your skin of much-needed moisture. The antioxidant vitamin E in Carmex Healing Lotion helps counteract potential free radical damage while moisturizing your parched skin. Plus, if you accidentally got a burn, the aloe in this lotion will help calm inflammation, turning down the heat on your burn.

3Razor-burn blaster

Next time you’re in a hurry and have time for only a quick dry-shave, don’t worry about the uncomfortable itch of all-day razor burn. Take two minutes to slap Carmex Healing Lotion on your legs or under your arms, and your dry-shave discomfort will disappear.

4Roughness relaxer

Most women have at least a few ashy, chronically dry, elephant-skin patches that don’t respond to regular moisturizers. You know that Carmex’s lip balms kick the competition to the curb when your lips are tight and cracking, and it’s the same with the company’s Healing Lotion. Simply throw a tube of the lotion in your purse and apply to your rough spots as needed. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the lotion works.

5Manicure prepper

When you hit the salon for a mani/pedi, the aesthetician always starts by cleaning and moisturizing your hands and feet. That’s because every great manicure requires soft, supple skin and cuticles. When you give yourself a manicure at home, follow this same protocol. Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your hands and feet, then seal moisture into the fresh skin with Healing Lotion.

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