Beauty find: Carmex healing lotion

After spending most of my life addicted to Carmex lip balm, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Carmex’s new Healing Lotion. Let me tell you: This product does not disappoint. Here are the top three reasons Carmex Healing Lotion is one beauty find that needs to be in your beauty bag.

CarmexMega-moisturizing qualities

When I apply lotion, I’m looking for three things: 1) quick absorption; 2) an immediate feeling of smooth and silky skin; and 3) long-lasting effects.

On a normal day, I may find myself applying and re-applying lotion to my chronically chapped hands at least once an hour, but this was not the case when I tried Carmex Healing Lotion. I applied once in the morning, then again at lunchtime for an extra dose of moisture. The most surprising thing was that my second application wasn’t really needed. My hands didn’t feel rough and tight the way they normally do after several hours without lotion.

The quick-absorbing formula was also a major benefit. I spend most of my day on the computer, and I was able to get back to typing within a minute of application without gumming up the keyboard.

Effective ingredients

When I buy moisturizers for my face, I always look for beauty buzzwords like antioxidants, coQ10, anti-aging and so forth. That’s not always the case when I look for body lotion. Usually, I just pick up the brand that smells the best or for which I just saw a TV commercial (yes, I’m that easily influenced by advertising).

The Healing Lotion’s efficacy comes from its high-quality ingredients — namely, vitamin E, a known moisturizing antioxidant, and aloe, a known soothing agent, combined in a lotion scientifically designed to heal, nourish and moisturize.


Some people may love shopping for beauty supplies at department stores or beauty outlets, but I want my beauty must-haves to be available for easy replacement at my neighborhood grocery store or pharmacy. Carmex Healing Lotion is available for $5 to $6 at practically every major pharmacy and grocery store in the country, in two styles of container: the tube or the pump. The pump system is perfect for fast applications after you hop out of the shower, while the tube easily goes with you in your purse or car console for repeated applications during the day.

Carmex Healing Lotion is available at, where it retails for $6.

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