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5 Fall outfits we love

Fall fashion shouldn’t mean a monotonous wardrobe of jeans and sweaters — rather, it’s a time for diverse, creative looks that mix and match contrasting pieces. Below are five outfits that show you how it’s done. Whether you’re going for tough and edgy, sweet and sexy, or a little of both, we’ve got you covered.

White suit

1White suit

Fashion blogs the world over lavished praise on Rihanna’s white designer suit. Ignore outdated rules about wearing white after Labor Day and try it yourself — it’s crisp and authoritative, yet fresh and light. To wear a white suit with aplomb, keep an eye on proportion. The suit should fit precisely at some points (like the waist and shoulders), while other parts should be a little slouchy. Rihanna adds a pop of color with her vibrant cherry-red hair. You’ll want to do the same with a brightly-colored blouse or tank top, or a bold piece of costume jewelry.

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