Decorating with monograms

Decorating with monograms has come a long way since the days of personalized towels. Now all of the hottest retailers offer options for using your initials around your home. Here are some fresh ideas for decorating with monograms and where you can find them online.

1Make a statement

If you’re looking for a bold way to display your initials in your home, check out these from Anthropologie — not only are they huge, at more than 2 feet tall and almost three inches thick, but these letters are made from zinc, so they will surely grab some attention! Each letter has hanging grooves on the back, making it easy to han, despite the size. Another fun idea for these statement initials? Try hanging one on the outside of your home, near the front door or on your back patio.

Make a statement

Oversized zinc letters
(Anthropologie, $98)

2Sweet and subtle

To integrate your monogram into your home décor, we love these small, discreet letters from Ballard Designs. Available in three sizes and three colors — black, gold and rubbed white — they’re a lovely way to get your feet wet with monogram decorating. We especially love that you can mix the sizes to create a true traditional monogram with a large letter in the center for your last name and a smaller letter on each side for your first and middle name, or for your name and your spouse’s name.

Sweet and subtle

Small typesetter plaque
(Ballard Designs, $19)

3Keep it personal

Always a great resource for all things monogram, Pottery Barn has some gorgeous options for decorating with initials around your home. We certainly understand that some of you may want to use your monogram in your home décor, but don’t want to splash it around your house — instead, consider having a few pieces personalized for your master bedroom or bathroom. The classic glass containers from Pottery Barn are a great way to display your monogram without overdoing it. You can even choose the style of monogram you’d like etched in the glass to make it even more personal.

Classic Glass Containers from Pottery Barn

Classic glass canister
(Pottery Barn, $19 – $44

4Go green with monograms

Want to bring your initials to life outdoors? Maybe you have a great patio or deck that is decorated to the nines, just like the interior of your home? These moss covered letters available on Etsy are amazing! They can be custom-sized — anywhere from 10 to 24 inches high — and are made with the highest quality moss available. Another great spot to hang your moss initials — the outside of your front door. They can come with ribbon attached, making them ready to hang.

Go green with monograms

Monogram moss covered letters
(Etsy, $40)

5Letters with a purpose

Put your monogram to work! Sometimes using initials for decorating around your home is also a great way to keep things organized. Anthropologie’s letter hooks are a perfect example — use these simple metal letters, each with a hearty hook, for coats in the mudroom or towels in the bathroom. Each family member can have a hook with their own initial so there’s no confusion about whose stuff goes where. As a bonus, these hooks are easily painted to create a fun, custom look — and at $16 each, you won’t break the bank getting a letter for every family member. Don’t forget one for Fido’s leash!

Anthropologie's Letter Hooks

Letter hooks
(Anthropologie, $14)

Do you decorate with monograms around your home? Tell us how you’ve gotten creative with your initials!

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