Top 10 time wasters in a busy woman’s day

Win back valuable time by taking control and eliminating time wasters from your daily schedule!

Woman checking email and on phone

You have dozens of things to do every day, but there never seems to be enough time? Recognize these time wasters and buy back valuable time to direct toward the more important things!

1Chit chat

Time is the most valuable currency of corporate warriors, so don’t waste office time with long, personal conversations. It’s tempting to listen and get involved in the watercooler discussions, but don’t fool yourself into believing you are doing anything other than wasting precious time.


It’s distracting to constantly check emails. You’ll get caught up in responding, deleting and sorting through your messages. It’s not necessary to check them more than a few times each day.


You really don’t have to answer the phone every time it rings! That’s what voicemail is intended for. Get on with your work and check your messages later.

4Cell phone

We’re all attached to our cell phones, and that can be both good and bad. If you’re always on it, you’re not concentrating on the job at hand. If you’re trying to drive or shop for groceries and have a conversation at the same time, you’re probably not doing either thing well. Hang up!


Taking occasional breaks is important to help you recharge, but too frequent or too many breaks are a distraction and get you out of the flow of your project.


Doing too many things at once is a waste of time: you end up with a lot of work in progress and nothing quite finished. Choose one task, complete it and move on to the next item on your to-do list.


We’ve all done it. You get on the internet for legitimate work reasons and end up on a social media or shopping website. It’s easy to get off track when there are so many interesting places to go with just a click of your mouse. Confine your internet play to spare time, and you’ll find you have more of it because you stayed on task during work hours.


You’ve got things to do, but don’t waste your time running from one end of town to another. When you do the shopping and errands, do them with a plan. Figure out beforehand how to progress through your list without backtracking or driving in circles. You’ll get it all accomplished faster and you’ll save both time and gas money!


It takes a lot of time to maintain your home, and you’ll save some time by doing a little every day on a rotating schedule. Choose an evening for vacuuming, another for doing laundry… and keep to the routine. You’ll be more efficient and find that your chores get completed quickly when you don’t overload.


Be smart about your scheduling. If you have a doctor or haircut appointment, be aware of what other errands you can handle in the same area. Try to group things to make it more convenient and get things accomplished while you’re already out and about.

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