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5 Fashionable ways to wear neon

Neon may have started out as a fun summer trend, but it’s shaping up to carry over into fall. While some people love the idea of head-turning hues, not everyone is comfortable sporting eye-popping fluorescent fashions. If wearing neon was a summer no-no for you, we’re daring you to light it up this fall. But fear not — there’s no need to sport head to toe day-glo. We’ve put together some simple yet stylish ways to wear neon.

How to wear neon

1. Bag (Revolve Clothing, $99), 2. Jacket (Urban Outfitters, $88),
3. Dress (Mod Cloth, $100), 4. Sweater (, $284),
5. Skirt (Jessica Simpson Collection, $59)

Check out our photo gallery of hot neon accessories.

1Accessorize with it

The easiest way to ease into wearing neon is simply to accessorize with something bright. Whether you opt for a bright pink skinny belt, an electric blue clutch or an armful of bangles in an eye-popping hue, adding a small dose of something bright to your everyday look makes neon less daunting. Subtlety is key where this trend is concerned and small pops of vibrant hues are a great way to spice up your wardrobe.

Try this: We love this cute cross-body bag in a bold shade of neon orange (Revolve Clothing, $99).

2Use it as a lively layer

There’s no need to wear an entire neon outfit – that could veer towards tacky. But opting for a layer in a funky fluorescent hue can look stylish and add interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Whether you choose a bright yellow tank top under a beige blazer or wear a shocking pink jacket over an all-black outfit, choosing one layer to be your key neon piece makes sporting this trend simpler than you think.

Try this: This cropped bomber jacket (Urban Outfitters, $88) makes a bold yet stylish statement when paired with more toned down layers.

3Time it right

While you may not feel comfortable wearing neon at the office, you might feel better about wearing something ultra-bright in the evening. A cocktail or party dress in a vivid hue often works better than trying to go neon during the day, especially if you’re going dancing or to another event where the energy will be running high.

Try this: Prepare to turn heads in this bright pink dress (Mod Cloth, $100) featuring detailed embroidery at the collar with a cute cutout, and a rich fuchsia hue perfect for adding something bright to your night out.

4Pair with neutrals

Neon and neutrals are a match made in style heaven. Gray, black, khaki or beige all make a great balance for any shocking shades you want to pair with them. There’s no risk of going overboard because you’ve got a more subtle hue to tone down the one that’s getting all the attention.

Try this: Pair skinny black trousers or dark wide-legged denim with this electric orange Alexander McQueen sweater (, $284), a luxurious blend of wool, cashmere and silk.

5Wear it as a pattern

Neon can be far less intimidating if it’s in a pattern instead of a solid. Rather than risk feeling like you’ve made a fashion faux pas by wearing something too bright, opting for a piece in a neon-hued pattern can help keep your outfit from becoming a style slip-up.

Try this: We love the fact you can easily dress this neon floral skirt (Jessica Simpson Collection, $59) up or down depending on what you pair it with – heels or flats, blazer or simple sweater. Either way, it makes for a fun way to add neon to your look.

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