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Top 10 Dorm room must-haves for college freshmen


6Cuddly study throw

Sheets, pillows, towels, curtains — you’re going to need to bring all sort of linens, but a smaller, non-bed blanket is an absolute must that is often overlooked. This plush throw is cuddly-soft to keep you cozy all winter, yet still tough enough to spread out in the quad come summer.

Seen here: Softec throw blanket (Bed Bath & Beyond, $10)

Cuddly study throw

7Laundry hamper

Chances are you’re only going to want to gather your dirty clothes together when you’re ready to haul them to the laundry room, so a traditional plastic basket will just result in wasted space. We love this collapsible hamper because it can be easily tucked away in between laundry days.

Seen here: Collapsible laundry hamper (Target, $12)

Seen here: Collapsible Laundry Hamper (Target, $11.99)

8Privacy curtain

Hang this baby by your desk, around your bed or in front of your door so you can study, sleep or party in semi-privacy. We love the narrow stripes of this string curtain because it’s a crazy blend of ’70s hippie vibe with a mod ’60s look.

Seen here: Color Burst string door curtain (HippieShop, $30)

Seen here: Color Burst String Door Curtain (HippieShop, $29.95)

9Floor cushions

Seating is limited even in the largest dorm rooms, so floor cushions are great options for accommodating crowds during all-night study sessions. We love these cute cushions for their durable corduroy and compact shape for easy storage.

Seen here: Corduroy floor pillow (Urban Outfitters, $39)

Seen here: Corduroy Floor Pillow (Urban Outfitters, $39.00)

10Shower caddy

For the next four years you can forget about the luxury of keeping all your bathroom toiletries in the bathroom. You’ll definitely need a roomy tote to keep all your products in one place for easy carrying to and from the showers. We like the bright shades this carrier comes in — plus the plastic is see-through enough to spot any product hiding on the bottom.

Seen here: Shower day/night caddy (Bed Bath & Beyond, $8)

Seen here: Shower Day/Night Caddy (Bed Bath & Beyond, $7.99)

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