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Freshen up your family room for under $100


Giving your family room a new feel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and effort, you can turn your drab family room into something exquisite for less than $100. Here are a few ways to freshen up your family room on the cheap.

Update a family room on a budget

1Paint a wall

In small quantities, paint is quite inexpensive, especially when you’re talking bang for your buck. Painting a single wall a dramatic color can add huge impact to your living room without affecting your wallet too much. For the cost of a bucket of paint and a couple of roller brushes, you can have a room that feels entirely new. Now’s the time to try painting that back wall brown to add warmth, or embrace your inner bohemian with a light teal — or use a combination of the two. The options are endless and cheap.

2Cruise online classifieds

Like you, other people are looking for new styles for their living spaces. Their (gently used, in perfect condition) trash is your treasure. You’d be amazed at what you can find for super-cheap. People often nearly give stuff away just to be rid of it. For example, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to snag a new TV stand, coffee table, mirror and wall art for less than $100.

3Look to the floors

Sure, your instinct is to go right to the walls to make your room pop, but adding decoration to floors is crucial — and inexpensive, if you know the right places to look. For example, big-box retailers and furniture stores offer deeply-discounted rugs, from Persian-style to more modern, edgy looks. Select the pattern that best fits your home and marvel at the difference a simple area rug can make. They add color and class, bringing the room together as a work of art, not just a living space.

4Take it up a notch with textiles

If those pillows are looking tired and old, and your curtains just aren’t cutting it anymore, take your living room to another level with new textiles. Material is relatively inexpensive and comes in beautiful, unique patterns. When everyone on the block has the same pillows and curtains from Target, you can enjoy unique, perfectly suited pieces whether you get them custom made or piece them together yourself. They’ll add personality to your space in a world of boring beige textiles.

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