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8 Easy home updates


Freshening up your home doesn’t have to involve a complete design overhaul. In fact, you probably already have quite a lot with which to work. If not, a few simple, inexpensive purchases can get you on your way to a fab, newly redesigned pad. Here are eight easy home updates that won’t break the bank.

Woman painting wall

1Tack up some textiles

This is a design trick that isn’t used enough. Rather than investing in expensive wall art, go to the fabric store and find a textile that suits your space. Have a seamstress fit the fabric to a curtain rod, or simply attach the textile with hooks. It will spice up your room and make an interesting focal point.

2Swap out worn-out pieces

If that old coffee table is looking a little warped and worn, replacing it could mean all the difference to your home. Replacing an old piece of furniture with a new, edgy piece doesn’t have to be expensive. Search online classifieds and discount stores for just the right item.

3Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

If your home is on the small side, mirrors can help open up a space and make it appear larger. They also reflect light beautifully, which adds a whole new layer of ambiance to your home.

4Spotlights & lamps

Sometimes, changing a room’s lighting can make all the difference. Skip the overhead fluorescents for soft, pink light. It makes almost everything look prettier and is easier on the eyes. Place spotlights above or below pictures for a dramatic, gallery-like effect.

5Wall art

The wall art you bought 15 years ago might look a little dated. Spice your home up with a new center of attention. Go for big, dramatic canvases, or just nail up a few updated scenic landscapes. Go with your room’s feel and elaborate from there.


Walls get all of the attention, but floors need a little love, too. Cover up those bare floors and add color to a room with large area rugs. They can make or break a room.


Use them as storage or just as decoration. Shelves can keep books and trinkets out of the way while still looking stylish and sophisticated.

8Paint a wall or two

Experiment with a new paint color on a single wall. It can give your home a fresh, clean look and an updated feel.

Home how-to

How to create fabric wall art

Helen Fawcett, owner of Whiz Bang Fabrics in San Francisco, shows us how to make funky fabric wall art.

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