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6 Fall decorating trends we love


If your house is looking a little tired after a long, hot summer, check out these six home decorating trends we love. Everything you need to give your home a mini makeover for fall is right here.

Fall living room with organic textures

1The handmade touch

Giving your home the popular handmade look is easy, even if you’re not super-crafty. Etsy Merchandising Team members Mary Andrews and Heather Burkman recommend re-purposing items into re-imagined focal points for an instant seasonal décor update. “For example, add chalkboard paint to a serving platter to create a welcome sign or dinner menu for your next holiday party,” say Andrews and Burkman. “Or try reinventing your collection of wine corks into a festive wreath or conversational coasters. The possibilities are limitless.”

2Books & bookshelves

Old books are getting a new use as art objects. Strip off the covers of old books (we get ours at yard sales) and tie up a bundle with jute twine. The more yellowed the pages, the better. Voila — instant accent art for your coffee table or bookshelf.

Speaking of bookshelves, design blogs are going crazy for grand-scale bookshelves. Cover an entire wall with bookshelves for huge impact. If built-ins aren’t an option, head to IKEA and load your cart with the budget-friendly Billy bookcases. Arrange your books by color to highlight your favorite hues or to achieve a rainbow effect.

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3Modern organization

If you need some motivation to clear the clutter, the organization options available these days should give you the inspiration you need. We love the selection of modern organizing products that look crisp and clean on the outside, while hiding our jumble of junk within. Apartment Therapy’s list of modern organization stores is a great resource.

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4Black & white

Black and white accents add instant drama to your home. Black and white subway art is a huge trend. Head to Etsy to order your own custom subway art, or pick up a black and white globe for big design impact. Toss some black and white on your sofa with these fun Scrabble tile pillows, or add a modern look to your dining table with this unique Christopher Jagmin dinnerware.

5Organic texture

We can’t get enough of the bold textures this season. Ultra-chunky rugs, smooth matte ceramics and thick woven baskets are some of our favorites. Try a sisal rug, or add texture by putting cork on your walls or floors. These natural, organic textures are an inspired way to add interest to your home.

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6Bold carpet

In a shift away from the popularity of wood flooring, designers are now turning to carpet. Fall is the perfect time to boost the coziness of a room by covering tile or wood floors with carpet. We love the choices available this season: everything from brightly colored carpet tiles to bold patterns and textures.

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