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Beauty Finds: Pop Beauty Lid Neon

Hey there, bright eyes! Sometimes boring nudes and smokey charcoals just aren’t enough, are they? You just need to express yourself and paint your lids with riotous color! We’ve got just the thing for your blinking canvases. It’s called Pop Beauty Lid Neon.

Pop Beauty Lid NeonPop Beauty Lid Neon

This is not for the faint of heart. This set has a bright pink, red, yellow, blue, baby blue (hard to believe that’s a bright, but it is) and leaf green. So, what do you do with colors like that? Well, for beginners, we recommend wetting a brush (use Visine to wet it and you’ll get a pretty great, long-lasting line) and using one of the brights as a liner.

If you plan to use the pink or the red, line the eyes with black first and put the bright line above the black or you’ll end up looking like you were out on a bender.


To ramp it up a notch, use a nude color on the brow bone, a slightly darker neutral in the crease and pick one of the bright shades and brush it all over the lid. Again, if you’re using pink or red, line with black or dark brown.

For you pop divas out there, experiment! After all, this isn’t a tattoo! Our favorite combos are yellow on the lid and pink in the crease or a nice blue and red combo. Stay away from brights on the brow bone. And remember to keep the rest of the face pretty neutral if you’re going with the circus eyes.

Pop Beauty Lid Neon is available at Beauty 360 and retails for $22.

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