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Date-night décor

If you want to treat the man in your life to a romantic date, you don’t have to get dressed up, head to a fancy restaurant or rack your brain to come up with extravagant ways to woo him. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your home. You can easily host a fabulous, memorable date night in the very same space where the two of you spend most of your time together.

Decorating for date night

Here are a few décor ideas to help you create an intimate, enchanting ambiance throughout your home.

Dim the lights for date nightstacked candle centerpieceDim the lights

“In the world of design, nothing sets the tone faster than lighting,” says Monica Pedersen, a designer and spokesperson of Rutherford Hill wine’s “Design Your Date Night” campaign.

Two of the best ways to give your home an elegant, romantic atmosphere is to dim the lights and light some candles. Hannah Russin, senior communications manager at, recommends creating a centerpiece of candles of different heights and shapes. She explains that these candles will cast interesting, unique shadows that will set your romantic evening at home apart from all other nights.

Pedersen adds, “If large pillars or candelabras are out of the budget, simply mass inexpensive tea-light candles in small glass votives on a table or around a room.”

Snuggle on date nightCreate a new space to snuggle

Rather than stretching out on the couch, as you might any other night of the week, Russin suggests creating a cozy cuddle space on the floor. “Lay down a blanket and top it with floor pillows and soft throws in dark-colored shades. Enjoy post-dinner drinks, watch a movie or simply enjoy each other’s company in a more intimate setting.”

Create ambiance on date nightDraw inspiration from a sophisticated, elegant restaurant

Have you set aside your finest plates, glasses and serveware for special occasions? Get ready to pull them out of storage, because a romantic evening at home with your loved one certainly qualifies as one!

Pedersen says, “When setting your table, start with your wedding gift stash. There are always beautiful platters and plates hiding away that are perfect for a special date night at home.”

Interior designer and author Elaine Griffin further recommends setting out a linen tablecloth, napkins and placemats, noting that you should iron them ahead of time because “wrinkles are not romantic.”

Turn off the electronics during date nightCanopy bedTurn off the electronics

If the television or computer is on, your date night at home can quickly begin to feel like “any old night.” That’s why you should heed the advice of entertaining expert and celebrity restaurateur Liza Utter. She recommends turning off all of the electronics, including the lights. “No BlackBerries, iPhones or iPads are allowed — iPods are the one exception to the rule. To create an atmosphere with no distractions and where conversation can flow, light the candles and turn your iPod to Michael Bublé,” she suggests.

Setting the mood for date night.Take a cue from your favorite romance novel or chick flick

If there’s a possibility your date night will end in the bedroom, be sure to prepare it ahead of time. Russin says, “Turn your bedroom into a page straight out of a steamy romance novel by installing canopy netting above your bed and replacing your day-to-day bedding with deep, romantic shades of red, pink and black. If you can’t work a canopy, hang some lights from the ceiling to drape over the bed. Re-use those white holiday lights in a new way, either by pinning them to the wall or wrapping them into coiled balls and putting them around the room. Light some candles in the perimeter of the room and spritz a sultry scent. The mood will be more than set!”

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