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Apple iCloud price revealed

Apple released a beta version of iCloud for developers and also announced the pricing structure. Find out what iCloud is and what it will cost you.

Apple-i-cloudWhat in the world is iCloud?

Apple announced the impending arrival of iCloud in June. “Some people think the cloud is just a hard disk in the sky,” said Steve Jobs. “We think it’s way more than that. And we call it iCloud.” (via PCWorld.)

iCloud is a wireless data sync service for iOS devices, Macs and PCs. iCloud will replace Apple’s MobileMe service, which Steve Jobs has said “wasn’t our finest hour.” In fact, MobileMe isn’t accepting any new subscribers. Current subscribers can still access their data through the end of June 2012.

Still not clear on what iCloud does? It’s okay — all of this technology talk can get confusing. Basically, iCloud syncs data between your devices. So if you’re writing a letter on your iPad, you can access it on your iPhone without having to email it to yourself or transfer it. iCloud basically makes your data readily available.

iCloud does not replace the storage on each of your devices — it just makes your saved info accessible on all of your devices.

Another cool feature of iCloud is the backup function in the event you upgrade or have to replace your iPad or iPhone. As PCWorld explains, “iCloud also remembers your device’s settings, apps, home screen layouts, ring tones and text messages…Think of it like the backup function in iTunes, but through the Internet instead.”

Speaking of iTunes, the storage for music is completely separate and won’t affect the space you use on iCloud. iTunes music purchases are auto synced to all of your iOS devices.

What will iCloud cost?

Right now, only the beta version is available for developers. However, iCloud is set to fully launch in September. The pricing structure is as follows, as shared by MSNBC:

  • Up to five gigabytes: Free!
  • 10 gigabytes: $20 per year
  • 20 gigabytes: $40 per year
  • 50 gigabytes: $100 per year

iCloud is scheduled for a September release. Do you plan to use it?

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