What to wear this Shark Week

Shark Week is here once again! It’s time to grab your popcorn, turn down the Jaws music you’ve had on repeat and head straight for the couch. But now you don’t know what to wear. After all, Shark Week must be celebrated in every possible form. When it comes to your wardrobe, we’ve got you (minimally) covered. If you’re a true Shark Week fanatic, you’ll probably be celebrating by the pool, at the beach or in the bathtub. If you’re the type who enjoys the simple pleasures of Shark Week, pool parties are a great way to bond over the Discovery Channel phenomenon. No matter what, bathing suit fashions are what you’ll need.

Choosing a bathing suit can often be overwhelming. Narrow down your search by first picking your favorite style. Then look for attention grabbing colors and smart designs. Here are examples of all sorts of swimwear that will have you good to go, whatever your style.


To us, cover-ups seem made for Shark Week. When you’re not in the pool (because you’re watching TV), throw on a cover up like this one. They’re perfect to wear when you’re running around the kitchen putting together snacks or when you just don’t want to show too much skin. This pattern reminded us of the calming ocean but also has a rougher edge (similar to a certain favorite fish).


On the Prowl Tunic
(Everything But Water, $72)



This two-piece bathing suit is both fun and functional. Between the shark-bite looking navy stripes and its comic book pattern, this bikini keeps the mood light. Not only that, this fab find is reversible. The other side is a solid navy blue for times you choose to be more nautical. Buying this affordable bikini is like purchasing two suits for one.

Comic Print Swim Suit

Comic Print Swim Suit
(Target, $16)




Looks like a hungry shark took some surprisingly symmetrical bites out of this swimsuit. Its girly colors contrast its violent theme, which makes us love it all the more. This one piece is sexy and slimming — a killer combination. And it comes in other solid neon tones if the shark design isn’t what you’re looking for.

Shark Attack Nora Side Cutout Swim Suit,

Shark Attack Nora Side
Cutout Swim Suit
(Billabong, $60

4Halter tops

Ride the waves in this ruffle halter top. What could be more ocean-like (and therefore, celebratory)? For the Juicy Couture name brand, this suit is selling at a great price. It also provides coverage without looking frumpy.

Halter tops

Juicy Couture Black
Ruffled Halter Tankini

(bikinischeaps.com, $42)

5Men’s swim trunks

Wow fellow Shark Week fans and friends with these swim trunks. The graphic design really pops against the solid background color. The adjustable drawstring makes them comfortable as well. Just beware — people may be swimming the other direction while you’re sporting these.

Men's Swim trunks

Old Navy Great White Shark
swim trunks

(styleceo.com, $15)


6Kids’ swimwear

Who says you have to be a certain age to appreciate the greatness of Shark Week? Kids can get away with wearing the ultimate shark styles. There is also much more out there than classic swim trunks. This adorable waterproof swim shirt is sure to protect your child from the sun and comes in a style he will love.

Kids' swimwear

Old Navy Great White Shark
swim trunks

(styleceo.com, $15)



Go all out with these silicone swimming caps. Wear them while doing laps in the pool or on a more rigorous swimming venture. Soon you’ll be as fast as a shark. They are hilarious, practical and come in a variety of colors. What’s not to love?

Shark swim cap

TYR Shark Fin Silicone Cap, (teamestrogen.com, $10)

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