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How to turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity


Dressers are just vanities waiting to be morphed into the bathroom centerpiece of your dreams. Here’s how to turn a dresser into a vanity with just a little elbow grease.

Convert a dresser into a bathroom vanityStep 1: Decide to sink or not to sink.

If you won’t be adding a sink to your vanity, skip this step. If you are, decide where you’re going to place the sink on the dresser. Make sure your dresser is on a comfortable level; you’ll be in front of it for a few minutes every single day, so make sure it’s not too high or too low. Trace around the sink on the dresser; remove it. Then, make a small hole to start a perforation. Saw around it steadily.

Step 2: Take out the shelves.

Shelves will get in the way of plumbing and storage. You can leave as many drawer faces as you want on the unit, but odds are that you’ll want some storage space below. To keep a drawer face, simply remove it from the drawer, then reattach with nails from the inside, or with heavy-duty wood glue. If you choose to replace a drawer face with cabinet doors, you can create your own, or find matching replacements at a hardware store.

Step 3: Make room for plumbing.

Cut ample space for pipes and drains in the back of the cabinet. The plumbing should be able to rest comfortably inside the unit without squeezing, which might cause leaks in the future. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the sink and plumbing.

Step 4: Finish the sink.

Run a caulking gun around the hole where the sink will be. Then, place the sink on top. This will seal the top of the vanity from the bottom, preventing leaks and drippage.

Step 5: Add Final touches.

After the caulk has dried, it’s time to decorate. Perhaps your vanity is perfect already, but you can add shabby chic elements with dusty-colored paints, or give your unit a vintage, rustic feel by carving pictures into the wood. If you’re not an artist, hire one. Make your new vanity entirely your own and give that dresser a new life in your home.

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