Ashley’s Top 10 Bachelorette looks

For months, Ashley Hebert has been navigating the bumpy road towards matrimony. We’ve watched our bubbly Bachelorette laugh, cry, and thanks to Bentley, cry some more. But through all the helicopter rides and Thai boxing knock downs, one thing has stayed the same: Ashley’s rockin’ bod. Unlike last season’s Bachelorette, Ally, who with every passing week seemed to pack on more poundage (as well as more clothing to cover up said pudge), Ashley had no trouble flaunting her tight tummy and toned legs through her revealing, though sometimes questionable, wardrobe choices. So, in honor of Ashley’s abs, take a look at her top ten looks of the season.

Gold gown

1Gold gown

After ditching the beach blonde and donning a new ‘do, the aspiring dentist made jaws drop in Episode 1 by wearing a low cut Randi Rahm Swarovski crystal-studded gold gown and mile high strappy heels. If she had any idea of the adventure she’d soon embark upon, our guess is she would have packed flats.

Farmer's Daughter

2Farmer’s Daughter

In Episode 2, Ashley greeted her gentlemen callers wearing this come hither “farmer’s daughter” get up. Though clearly in Las Vegas, an argument could be made that she mistook her location for a dude ranch.



Who knew Ashley was such a homeboy? Channeling her inner Kanye, Ashley hit the stage with the Jabbawockeez to show off her sweet dance moves, and of course those rock hard abs, to her leading men. At least she had on sensible shoes.

Mini dress

4Mini dress

On her date with William (a.k.a the least funny comedian ever), Ashley strutted her stuff in a super sexy mini dress and chic brown leather jacket. In a pinch, she ditched the jacket and walked down the aisle for a faux wedding ceremony in this curve hugging gown. Yes, the outfit was kind of trashy for a chapel – but hey, this is Vegas. Luckily, her dress was white.

Wet dog

5Wet dog

Take it from The Bachlorette’s Episode 5, nothing says romance like manual labor. After a rainy day fixing up an orphanage, Ashley’s outfit went from red hot to wet dog. The boots are practical, but those microscopic cut-offs and midriff baring shirt? She could have caught a cold!

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