Bio: Suzanna DeKeyser

Suzanna DeKeyser has been many things in her life but says her most gratifying role is that of a mom. In SheKnows Beauty 365, she undergoes an amazing transformation, both inside and out.

Suzanna DeKeyser

Her two beautiful daughters, Nina and Bri, recently moved out of her home and are working to reach their own dreams. Now, Suzanna finds herself at a crossroads as she decides what to do next.

She has worn a lot of hats thus far — chemical engineer, martial arts teacher, esthetician and many more. With her daughters out of the house, she has much more time on her hands and wants to focus on finding her greater purpose.

In her free time, Suzanna enjoys working out, cooking and spending time with friends. She hopes to find her passion and to pursue it for the rest of her life.


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