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Shop savvy and spend less on clothes

If we could, we’d spend all of our money on clothes, but that’s just not practical. And besides – buying clothes can get pretty pricey, especially if you can’t help but update what’s in your closet every time you get wind of a new trend. To help you save where style is concerned, we’ve put together some practical ways to save on clothes – without compromising your usual fashion flair.

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1Avoid impulse buys

The easiest way to save on clothes is to avoid impulse buys. That means resisting the urge to reach out and grab that T-shirt you don’t need or that necklace you spot while waiting in line to pay. Whatever you buy on a whim is usually something that ends up hanging in your closet with the tags still attached or being relegated to the discard pile soon after you bring it home. Spend your fashion funds on something you really want that is sure to be a wardrobe staple.

2Raid friends’ closets

Why spend money on clothes when you can borrow from your most style-savvy BFFs? Before you give in to the urge to shop or if you’re bored with everything staring back at you when you open your closet, call up some friends and see if you can raid their fashion bounty. Whether you need a new outfit for a hot date or a fancy frock for a wedding or special event, arranging to check out what’s available in a friend’s clothing collection can save you a ton of money and feed the urge for something new without having to spend a cent. Of course, you’ll have to return the favor but that’s only fair.

3Scour thrift stores

It may not be as exciting as shopping at your favorite stores, but for something fun, colorful and unique, thrift stores can be a girl’s best friend – especially if that girl is on a budget. The trick to finding something great is to be patient. You’ll have to be in the mood to scour racks upon racks of clothing with a discerning eye, and you may have to try on more than you’d like before you hit on something that works. Zero in on colorful accessories, funky jewelry and other items that will help spice up the neutral, more classic pieces already in your wardrobe.

4Shop based on need

If you need something, buy it, but before you hit the shops, make a list of what you need so you don’t end up straying from what you actually went to the store for. Just like aimless grocery shopping sans list means you’ll end up with a cartload of things you don’t need, shopping for clothes without a plan can leave you spending more than you bargained for. Map out the stores you need to hit for whatever it is you need (new coat, winter boots, jeans, etc.) and don’t deviate from the plan. Shopping based on need means you’ll actually wear what you buy rather than just buying for the sake of it.

5Get a closet consultation

Before you head out to buy an armload of new clothes, have one of your more style savvy friends come over to take stock of what’s in your closet. They will be looking at everything you own with a fresh eye and chances are, they’ll be able to put together a bunch of outfits you hadn’t even thought of just based on having an outside perspective. So before you opt to replace what you have, get a fashion-savvy pal to intervene and see if there isn’t more to what’s in your closet than meets the eye.

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