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Kitchen solutions: Band-Aid goo and ring remover

SheKnows has brought you kitchen beauty tips before, but usually they’re about food products that make your face glow, your hair shine and your eye makeup less messy. This week, we’re bringing you two surprising cleaning items that solve two very common problems that I experienced after a very long stint at the San Diego Comic Con. All those costumes start to make you think outside of the box!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

If you shave your legs, you get nicks. If you wear the wrong shoes (and ladies, five inch heels will shred your feet, no matter how pretty they are), you get blisters. Sometimes a bit of deodorant under the strap will help, but my post-Comic Con feet weren’t going to be saved by just a bit of Secret! So, we cover ourselves in Band-Aids to stop the pain. When we take them off, we have a giant ring of dark sticky stuff. Not exactly attractive when you’re trying to show off your pretty paws at the beach.

I was cleaning my sink this morning with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and I realized something. Those little white rectangles of goodness can be used to take off sticky stuff. It removed the jelly from my counter. It should certainly remove the Band-Aid adhesive from my tootsies. I broke off a tiny piece, wet it in the sink, and sure enough, my feet were goo-free! Give it a shot. It’s amazing!


The other magic product of the week is Windex. Now, I know I’m not alone with my salt issue. Eat a few potato chips and poof, your hands swell. That ring on your finger isn’t coming off for a week and it just doesn’t match your outfit. Considering the amount of nachos I ate at the Con, you can imagine the sausage fingers I’m sporting right now. Again, I was cleaning (I try not to make a habit of it) and as I swiped the stove with Windex, I remembered something my grandmother told me once. Not only will Windex give your rings a shine, but it will help you get them off your fingers! I tried it and it works! My ring came off with ease and sparkled like the sun!

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