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Top 3 beauty dilemma solutions!

When you do makeup for a living, you get asked for your top makeup solutions. Today, I’m giving you my top three most requested solutions for makeup woes: redness, shadow spillage and creasing.

Woman applying cornstarch powder


We all break out. Well, maybe that one girl you can’t stand doesn’t, but she’s an alien from planet perfect. The rest of us get red bumps on our face. The problem is, they’re really hard to cover. Putting foundation on top of redness gives you a bruise colored spot. Here’s my solution:

First, save the pimple cream for the evening. In the morning, gently (read that word again: gently) exfoliate the area. You don’t want to break the skin. Just give it a buff with a washcloth to take off the dead skin cells. Put a drop of Visine on the spot and let it dry. It doesn’t just take redness out of the eyes. Then moisturize! Makeup on scaly skin just looks cakey. I know it feels wrong. Trust me. Put on your foundation, but instead of concealer, dab a bit of yellow tinted powder with a tiny brush. Poof. Redness gone!

2Raccoon eyes

Nothing is worse than raccoon eyes. We get too little sleep as it is. The last thing you want is extra dark circles you didn’t earn with a great night of partying! Often what does you in are the little bits of powder from your shadow, and yes, even that eyeliner brush you don’t clean often enough. They fall down and you can’t see them without a magnifying mirror. When you brush concealer under your eyes or merely touch the area, you get a dark bluish streak. The trick? Throw a bunch of translucent powder or cornstarch on the area below they eyes and let the debris fall there! After you finish your eyes, brush it away with a fluffy powder brush. Voila! Perfect under eye area! Well, if you didn’t stay out until 2 am, that is.

3Shadow creasing

When you’ve been in your makeup all day, it’s bound to crease. Especially if you have greasy eyelids like I do. Solution? Before you put on your makeup, brush a coating of translucent powder or cornstarch on the lid with a fluffy brush. Also, keep your crease color just over the actual crease line! I can’t begin to explain what a difference this makes, especially on older skin! You can also give a quick re-coat of translucent powder halfway through the day. Don’t forget to tap the excess off your brush when applying shadow. Extra product doesn’t help!

Well, there you have it! Feel free to send me your beauty questions either in the comments or on Twitter @jennabusch. Maybe I’ll be answering your question in my next blog!

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