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Decorate your home with nautical charm

If you live in the city or the country instead of at the seashore, decorating your home with nautical charm can be a great way to add a relaxing and refreshing touch to your home. It’s easier than you might think to add a few touches of the seashore to your home, regardless of your home’s overall style. If you’d like to transform your home into a coastal cottage or a seaside paradise, here are a few decorating tips you can try.

Nautical inspired living room

Relaxing seaside colors

Simply adding a few coastal colors to your decorating scheme can instantly make your home seem more serene and relaxing. Although warm and bold colors can be exciting, there’s a lot to be said for the calm and comforting look of cool, pale colors. Try painting your walls sky blue, foam green or light taupe. If you really prefer the look of warmer shades, a warm sand shade could be the perfect choice.

Keep window treatments light in color, weight and texture so that plenty of beautiful sunshine can stream in. Gauzy white sheers, crisp Cape Cod curtains or white muslin curtains can all work well.

When choosing colors for flooring and furniture pieces, keep things light and cheerful. For example, sky-blue walls combined with light hardwood floors and off-white furniture can create a very attractive seaside look.

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Enhance the look with decorating accessories

Sailboat wall art

The decorating accessories you choose can have a major impact on the success of your nautical decorating scheme. If you prefer a natural approach, seashells, driftwood and framed seashore prints can add a nice look. If you have the soul of a sailor, sailboat wall art, a ship’s wheel or other authentic nautical artifacts can be combined to create a little slice of the seafaring life in the comfort of your own home. If a more sleek and contemporary style of decorating is more your style, try displaying a few modern nautical prints framed in black, white or metallic finish frames. If the coastal cottage or beach retreat look and feel is what you are striving for, white wicker furniture pieces accessorized with comfortable pastel cushions can work well. If you crave a touch of bright colors, look for fun primitive art pieces that depict fish, palm trees or other seaside motifs.

You can also use any souvenirs that you’ve brought back from past seaside vacations as decorating accessories, such as collected shells, pieces of driftwood and sand dollars. It can be fun to use these natural materials in new and interesting ways as part of your nautical decorating scheme. For example, try framing a single sand dollar in a whitewashed frame, or combine shells and sand in a clear glass jar to form an intriguing sand art display. You can also use seashells in fun and whimsical ways, such as using them as drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. There’s almost no limit to the creative and interesting crafts that you can make out of the seaside treasures you’ve collected over the years.

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