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How to make felt mice toys for cats

Playing with your cat is not only fun for you, but also great exercise for your frisky whiskered friend. These felt mouse toys are totally simple to make and super fun for your cat to toss around. The bells and catnip inside make them very appealing to your playful kitty.

Felt Mouse Toy

You will need these supplies to create this mouse-shaped cat toy:

  • 1 Piece each of grey, pink, white and black craft felt
  • 6″ White satin ribbon
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Dried catnip (optional)
  • Plastic funnel
  • 3 Small metal craft bells (optional)
  • Cardstock, wooden dowel
  • Marking pen, straight pins, scissors
  • Ruler, sewing machine, thread

Step one:

Create your pattern pieces. First, create the shape for the bottom piece. It is shaped, as shown, like half of a seed, and should be approximately 3″ long. It will be cut on the fold. To create the body shape, the bottom needs to measure the outside curve of the bottom (marked by the grey dotted line). In this case, it is approximately 3.5″ with a very small seam allowance.

Felt Mouse Toy

Step two:

Using your pattern pieces, trace and cut out the body x 2 and bottom x 1 on the fold. Also cut out circles for the ears x 2, eyes x 2, pupils x 2 and triangles x 2 for the nose.

Felt Mouse Toy

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