Style influence: Sports and athletes

Style has evolved throughout the years and trends have come from many influences — some more unlikely than others. Sports and athletes have set many trends that still exist today. Check out these past sports trends that have influenced fashion and served as unlikely style inspiration, whether you’re a sporty girl or not.

1Fab Five

Remember these guys? These five University of Michigan basketball players were considered by many to be the greatest class ever recruited. Not only were Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Juwan Howard top basketball players at the University of Michigan, but they made loud fashion statements. They were the first basketball players to ever wear black shoes and black socks on the court, along with baggy gym shorts — thus, introducing the “hip hop” look to the basketball world.

Fab Five



Several decades prior to the hip hop look, La Societe Chemise Lacoste was founded in 1933 by world-renowned French tennis player Rene Lacoste and his business partner Andre Gillier. The clothing line, branded with its signature crocodile, which came from Lacoste’s tenacious tennis playing, evolved into the simple name of Lacoste over the years. The clothing line made the fresh-off-the-tennis-court look trendy and sophisticated. The line oozes class and prep, sans sweat, of course.




3Air Jordan

Fast forward a few decades and we have the Air Jordan I, released by Nike in 1985, named after Michael Jordan. The black with bright purple basketball shoe sold for a whopping $65 back then. In October of that year, though, the Air Jordan I was banned by the NBA from being worn in the league because the color was too bright for shoe regulations. Michael Jordan violated this and was fined $5,000. The popular sneaker had many different styles and versions that followed it all the way up to today.

Air Jordan


When it comes to a relaxed, beachy look, Billabong set the record early on for surf clothing and gear that we still wear today. Gordon and Rena Merchant founded Billabong clothing company in 1973. At the time, they were living on the Gold Coast of Australia and Gordon Merchant had just made a breakthrough in the world of surfboards as a shaper. They both started producing hand-made board shorts in 1973 that were durable, tough and could withstand a dedicated day of surfing. From then on, Billabong emerged. A relaxed, nonchalant type of clothing has carried on throughout the years until today where many surfers and non surfers alike have owned or worn a piece of Billabong clothing. Billabong has acquired other surf companies such as Nixon, Element, Roxy, Von Zipper and a few others.


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