8 Fun and funky home accessories

One of the easiest ways to update your living space is with funky home décor. From unusual wall art and accessories to whimsical lighting and furniture, here are eight fun ways to redecorate.

Funky home decor

1. Television ($349), 2. Fish Metal Wall Décor ($48), 3. Toad Cookie Jar ($33),
4. Round Glass Table ($28), 5. Wall Clock ($35), 6. Cupcake pillow ($18),
7. Salt Crystal Wooden Basket Lamp ($35), 8. Wood Bookcase ($226)

1Hannspree’s Plush Crab 19-Inch LCD Television ($349)

Give your sunroom (or son’s room) the ultimate ocean feel with Hannspree’s plush crab 19-inch LCD TV. It offers a standard NTSC television tuner, V-chip parental controls, closed captioning, built-in stereo speakers, 4-in-one video input for DVD players or VCRs, a headphone jack for private viewing and an easy-grip contoured remote control.

2Funky Fish Metal Wall Décor ($48)

To go along with your plush crab TV, these whimsical metal fish can brighten up your home (even as you long for a vacation to the beach). Best yet, because each fish is free-floating, you can rearrange the set to suit your décor or mood.

3Toby the Toad Cookie Jar ($33)

Set this grinning, wide-eyed toad on your kitchen counter and you’re bound to smile every time you walk into your kitchen or grab a cookie. You can even make Toby a funky kitchen theme and partner the cookie jar with Toby salt and pepper shakers, teapot, mugs and planter.

4Pembroke Summer Splash Round Glass Table ($28)

This beautiful eye-catching glass table will add a punch of color to your earth-tone rooms or give brightly colored plain rooms a design focal point. If you need style on your porch, pair it with your wicker patio chairs. Best yet, the glossy floral top will give you a reminder of summer all year ’round.

5Silverware Wall Clock ($34)

Boring digital clocks have nothing on this colorful spoon-and-fork wall clock. Ideal for the kitchen, this funky clock can also bring time-telling whimsy to your dining area.

6Yummy Pillows Cupcake ($18)

Cupcakes are all the rage, from cookbooks to cupcake bakeries to Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, and now you can bring the almighty cupcake into your bedroom or living room. The Yummy Pillows Cupcake is a giant huggable chocolate cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles.

7Himalayan Ionic Salt Crystal Wooden Basket Lamp ($35)

Not only is this handcrafted table lamp unique, the Himalayan salt crystals naturally freshen the air. Gorgeous to look at, you can set the warm, orange-hued light anywhere in your home that needs a burst of color.

8Unique Red Cocoa Wood Bookcase ($226)

If your style leans more towards minimalist décor (that is, you’re not quite ready to step boldly into the wildly whimsical home-accessory realm) you can still add funky flair to your décor with this red cocoa bookcase. Instead of being straight-shelved from left to right, it features offset shelving with varying heights and widths, and can be used vertically or horizontally.

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