Decorating Diva: Creative uses for mason jars

Welcome to Decorating Diva, where every week we share fresh, fun ways to update your home and spice up your living space! As much fun as we have sharing our favorite home décor product picks, we also love DIY decorating. It’s fun, affordable and makes for a unique look you can’t buy in a store. This week we’re going mad for mason jars – and moving them from obscurity into the style spotlight. Check out some of the ways you can transform the humble mason jar into everything from candle holders to centerpieces.

Decorating Diva

1Patio lanterns

Don’t let boxes of jars collect dust – use them to light up your yard. Tie a piece of wire around the neck of each jar. Form a second piece of wire into a U shape, which you can then use to create a hanger by attaching it to the first wire, using pliers to tighten. Add some colored sand from a craft or home décor store and nestle a tea light or votive candle inside. Hang your lanterns from porch beams, fence posts or trees in your yard (make sure the branches are sturdy) to give your space some ambiance. If you don’t have anywhere to hang your lanterns, set them up along your deck or even line your walkway with several to light the way for guests. Ideally, it’s great to have some hanging and some creating a soft glow in groups clustered around your yard.

Patio lanterns

Seen here: Mason jar hanging tea light lantern by Creative Corks N’ More

2Cute cutlery holders

Whether you’re entertaining inside or out, you can make it much easier for guests to grab their forks and knives by displaying them in mason jars. Use one for each utensil needed, or if you have enough jars, stock your buffet with several lined with a pretty napkin and filled with cutlery. Guests can take a jar as they line up to get their grub.

Cute cutlery holders

Seen here: Nautical white rope mason jar kitchen utensil holder by Vintage & Cottage

3Gorgeous glassware

Who needs plain old glasses and cups when you’ve got mason jars? They’re a charming way to serve everything from punch to lemonade to cocktails. You can either go basic and have a tray filled with empty mason jars by the bar so guests know to use them to serve their drinks of choice — or better yet, use your mason jars to serve a signature drink. Fill each jar with your cocktail of choice and add a colorful straw to each. Serve guests as they come in or leave the drinks where guests will see them as they arrive. You can also make up several drinks in advance, minus the alcohol and ice, and simply add the finishing touches when someone needs a fresh beverage.

Gorgeous glassware

Seen here: Lemonade redneck wine glass set by debodel

4Floral centerpieces

Mason jars make for a rustic yet stylish way to hold fresh cut flowers, and filling several with various blooms in complementary hues can make for a simple,  elegant centerpiece for your dining table. Smaller jars can hold just one or two blooms for a more subtle look (line them up along your entire dining table), or you can get more whimsical and pack larger jars with multiple blooms in various colors. Don’t forget about adding leaves and greenery, too. The contrast between the soft-hued florals and lush green from leaves, plant cuttings or even herbs makes for an eye-catching accent for your table.

Floral centerpieces

Seen here: Turquoise mason jar spring bouquet by Angel Country Accents

5Chic snacking

We love the idea of using mason jars as a way for guests to make –and eat their own snack mix. Set up a snack bar with bowls of hard candy, jelly beans, pretzels, trail mix, popcorn and anything else you love to snack on, and line the table with mason jars. Have guests use spoons you provide to fill their jars with their nibbles of choice. This works great for kids’ parties — but we’re sure adults will love it, too! You can also just stock mason jars with colorful candies and group them around your home for a brightly hued (and edible) home accent.

Chic snacking

Seen here: Mini mason jar party favors by emily hatch

6Pretty planters

Gather several larger jars and wash them if need be (if they’ve been in Grandma’s basement for years, for instance), then pick up some spray paint in some colors of your choice. We’re partial to pastels, but go for whatever suits your décor. Line jars up on several layers of newsprint, mouth down, and give each a light coat of paint (be sure to wear a mask while you do this). Let dry 15 minutes and re-spray until you’ve got the consistency and color you want. Let your freshly painted jars dry for 24 hours before planting then with herbs or your favorite flowers.

Pretty planters

Seen here: Kerr jar planter by Pigeon Toe

A pretty painted jar planted with fragrant herbs makes for a unique and thoughtful hostess gift.

7Savvy storage

Storing little odds and ends (paper clips, safety pins, etc) in mason jars is a practical yet decorative way to stay organized and minimize clutter in every room in the house. They look great on your bathroom counter filled with cotton balls, hair elastics and whatever else you use on a daily basis. You can go one step further: Affix mason jars to the underside of a shelf — either a small existing shelf or a floating shelf you install. Glue the top of each jar to the underside of your shelf, fill the jars with what you need and screw the jar back onto the lid. Simply unscrew to access what’s inside.

Savvy storage

Seen here: Mason jar and wood shelf by Twigs2Whirligigs

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