Style and fashion for your next vacation

Let’s be honest — part of the fun of planning for a summer vacation is buying the perfect clothes and accessories. But where does a girl start? Read on for our recommendations on must-have travel gear that’s both chic and convenient.

1Yosi Samra Flats $50-$80

Getting through airport security with tennis shoes is enough of a hassle, let alone sprinting across a terminal in stilettos. That’s why we keep things simple but sleek with Yosi Samra flats. They’re made with genuine leather in styles ranging from leopard print to neon and basic black. You can slip ’em off in seconds at the TSA checkpoint or fold them up in your purse for easy and comfortable shoe changes on-the-go.

Yosi Flats


2Phosphor Appear Watch $249

Even on vacation, some situations call for scheduling and punctuality. (Something tells us that plane won’t wait!) That’s why the Phosphor Appear Watch is a top pick for travel accessories. Just hit the side button and the time appears or disappears behind a wall of Swarovski crystals. The Phosphor Appear comes in four statement color choices – pink, red, white and black – and is adorned with a crystal face frame.

Phosphor Appear Watch


3Pocket Posh Puzzle Book $7.99-$9.99

Got a love for words and a thirst for knowledge? Check out the Pocket Posh Puzzle Book series from Marbles: the Brain Store. These super-cute books are smart and stylish with a modern, tactile design that goes with anything (because, you know, it’s important to coordinate the entire outfit). Ten different puzzle books mean endless entertainment opportunities, and a small size makes it easy to tote.

Pocket Posh Puzzle Book


4Pan Am Accessories Price varies

This fall, the drama and excitement of the 1960s Jet Age is hitting primetime with ABC’s Pan Am TV show. Get in sync with the sexy retro style of the time with Pan Am-inspired travel gear and accessories. Join the jet-set crew with the grab ‘n’ go Orion bag, which the airline once gave to its first-class passengers traveling to Europe.

PanAm Accessorie


5mTrip Travel Guides $5.99

The mTrip Travel Guide is a universal smartphone app that’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket. An advanced algorithm automates a suggested itinerary based on your interests, travel dates, pace preference, and even opening hours and geographical locations of tourist attractions. Easily navigate around a city and send postcards via Facebook and email. Current available cities include London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

mTrip Travel Guides


6Chick on the Go $199

Convenience meets fashion with the Chick on the Go travel bag. Packed with five garments and two accessories, the kit makes 25 different outfits and weighs less than four pounds. The black and white pieces are made of a rayon and spandex blend that’s suitable for all seasons and destinations, from Manhattan to Venice. It’s a great option for business meetings, vacations or honeymoons, because you can go from casual to elegant and back again without any buttons or zippers involved!

Chick on the Go

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