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Carmageddon is upon us: LA citizens, don’t leave your homes!

Carmageddon doesn’t officially begin until midnight, but transportation officials in Los Angeles asked L.A. citizens to stay off the 405 on Friday and telecommute if possible. Yes, it’s going to be just as bad as you can imagine.


The three-day 405 freeway closure in Los Angeles, humorously referred to as Carmageddon, is nearing. Although the closure will happen at midnight, L.A. traffic officials warned that things are going to be ugly today.

Um, isn’t L.A. traffic always ugly?

Apparently, it can get worse. According to the LA Times, the 405 onramps and offramps between the 10 and the 101 will be closed beginning at 7:00 p.m. And then at midnight, the city of Los Angeles will officially enter Carmageddon.

Surely you’ve heard about Carmageddon by now, but here’s a rundown of the fun people are having with this soon-to-be nightmare:

JetBlue offers Carmageddon flights — and they sell out! JetBlue offered Los Angelenos a much quicker and economical way to make it across the city on Saturday. The company opened up two Carmageddon flights and priced them at just $4 each way. No, that wasn’t a typo! For $8 round trip, taxes and fees included, you could travel by plane between Burbank and Long Beach.

JetBlue agrees to bike vs. plane race. After getting in on the Carmageddon action, JetBlue then accepted an invitation to a bike vs. plane race between Burbank and Long Beach. The Wolfpack Hustle suggested that they could bike between the airports faster than JetBlue could fly, given the time on the runway. This should be interesting!

Carmageddon gift ideas. Not sure what to get your co-worker for her upcoming birthday? Problem solved. Thanks to Carmageddon, you have a slew of new gifts to choose from.

Carmageddon on Twitter. #Carmageddon in trending on Twitter, meaning you can get a good laugh at Los Angeles drivers’ expenses. David Spade tweeted, “Nostradamus predicted Carmageddon…and I think mob wives…and possibly hoarders, but I may be wrong.”

So, by now, you’ve got the message, right? If you live in Los Angeles, avoid Carmageddon and stay far, far away from the 405 freeway, even while it’s still open!

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