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Catching bargains all summer long

Wait until the peak of summer to start shopping for outdoor essentials and summer-themed home décor, and you’ll walk away with twice the goodies for the same price!

Woman shopping for grills

While July is the peak of summer and the heat is on outside, retailers are already thinking about fall — so it’s a great time for summer bargains. Here are the top items to buy this month that will spruce up your home and help you enjoy the rest of your summer.


If you’re in the market for a new computer, now’s the time to get one. With back-to-school shopping gearing up, retailers are offering deals on laptops and desktops.

2Outdoor furniture

Check your local Lowe’s or Home Depot for deals on outdoor and patio furniture. You may be ready to enjoy outdoor living for another month or so, but retailers are already trying to clear out summer items to start stocking the showroom and shelves with fall merchandise.


Ignore all the advertised “sales” during the early part of the summer — the third and fourth weeks of July will get you even better deals from retailers. If you can hold off your backyard celebration for a couple weeks, your new grill will be much cheaper.


All the seasonal themed couches and chairs will be going on sale to make room for the new fall pieces that will go on display in late August or early September. If your overall décor has a summery feel or you don’t mind reupholstering a few pieces, check your local furniture store for discounts that could range from 10 to a whopping 50 percent.


If the idea of painting during the heat of the summer has you less than excited, rest assured you aren’t the only one — that’s exactly why many local stores put paint on sale during July. You don’t have to crack open the cans right away, but if you have a project you want to work on in the near future, check out the deals on paint and paint supplies at your local hardware and paint stores.

6Linens and china

Towards the tail-end of wedding season — the middle and end of summer — you can often get great deals on the table linen and china patterns of the season. Plates and other home décor items like vases and candle holders also go on sale this time of year.

So check out your local stores and give your house a mid-year facelift!

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