Top 4 coupon apps for smartphones

Everyone loves saving money, and in this economy the more informed of a shopper you are, the better. Coupons are a great way to help save a few extra dollars, but carrying around all those little pieces of paper and searching through newspapers can be a hassle. Luckily for those with smart phones, there are lots a great apps to give you the coupon advantage without the clipping.

Coupon Sherpa

coupon sherpa

This app was one of the first of its kind. Users access to hundres of coupons, including ones exclusive to the app. You can search by store name or categorey, and even email deals to your friends. You can print out coupons, or show the store on your phone.


yowza screen shot

Yowza is a high tech little app, especially for the free price. It can use your GPS location to find stores or restaurants with steals near you, and it will even end you push notificaitons when your favorite stores post new deals. Hailed as environmentally friendly, printing is unnecessary. Just flash yout screen to the cashier and reap the rewards. As an added bonus, you can even pull up a chart that tracks how much money you save.


grocery iq image

This one is basically a fancy grocery list with every bell and whistle you could imagine. Grocery iQ alows you to make shopping lists based on store, package size, price and more. It even organizes items by aisle so you don’t have to run around back and forth like a crazy person. You can also scan barcodes and share lists with others. This app offers integrated coupons and their coupon gallery focuses on all the deals offered in your supermarket that week.


Coupsmart is a customizable app in the sense that it gives businesses direct access to create their own deal for their customers. Customers can share and print coupons right from their computer as well as display coupons on their smartphones to show the cashier or merchant. This app is completely free for customers who can print and share coupons from their favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and many other businesses. A new function called GiveSmart allows users to earn points for every item they scan. Then a donation is made to the charity with the post points at the end of the month.

Additional ways to save money while shopping


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