Emma Watson’s top 5 enchanting hairstyles

At only 21, this muggle has bewitched crowds on and off the screen since her debut 10 years ago. But unlike the style inept, bushy haired Hermione, Emma has earned major cred for her impeccable taste and gorgeous hairstyles. Garner inspiration from this charming star with our top 5 hair picks:

Updo with a twist Emma Watson at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This classic hairstyle screams elegance and can be personalized to fit any occasion. Emma put her own spin on this classic look with an elegant (yet laid back) updo, worn loose with a few free tendrils.

The best part of Emma’s look is the braid woven into her updo and complimentary bright red headband. The look is stylish and youthful, playing up Emma’s fresh-faced appeal.






Emma Watson at Paris Fashion Week in 2008Blonde bombshell

While currently looking lovely in her glossy light brown locks, Emma shined as a blonde-haired beauty on numerous occasions. Her California girl hair accentuated her delicate features, evoking the glamour and beauty of old Hollywood. While her blonde tresses were short-lived, Emma left her mark with this look.


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Ultra chicEmma Watson at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Emma looks radiant with a style that’s both sophisticated and simple. The face framing layers complement her features beautifully, giving the young star a mature, grown up appearance. Aside from those gorgeous layers, the shape of this cut is incredible. Emma’s full mane has enough volume to add a nice lift without being over the top.

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Emma Watson at the Costume Institute Gala in New York City

Tousled tresses

What hair roundup is complete without fiercely coveted waves? Nearly every female celebrity has rocked this look, and Emma Watson is no exception. This popular ‘do emits a sexy, laid back vibe and looks just as great on the red carpet as it does on the beach. And while this style is often seen on longer haired beauties, Emma looks fantastic with her shoulder length version.







Pretty pixie Emma Watson at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

Evoking the biggest media frenzy over hair since Robert Pattinson’s notorious buzz cut, Emma Watson debuted her short pixie late last year. The new look gives Watson a mischievous and quirky vibe, but doesn’t detract from her youthful elegance. Inspired by her own mother and Mia Farrow, Watson lost her luscious locks to break away from her portrayal of Hermione and embark on a new phase in her life. The latest of Watson’s hairstyles has left its mark on the beauty industry. You don’t need to master divination to know she will cast a spell on beauty mavens for years to come.


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