Decorating a Harry Potter bedroom for your child

Want to create a Harry Potter themed bedroom for your littlest wizarding fan, but aren’t willing to take the plunge into the ugly bedding sets and cheesy decorations that are out there? Don’t worry — we’ve got your covered. Check out these solutions for a Harry Potter kid bedroom that even a Muggle will love.

Harry Potter Bedroom

1. Bedding set (Land of Nod, $109.00), 2. Beaker (Amazon, $9.90) 3a. Set of flasks (Amazon, $27.99), 3b. Banners (Amazon, $22.28), 4. Mirror (, $69.99), 5. Poster (, $14)


Ditch the obvious comforter set with Harry’s face plastered all over it and go with something a bit more subtle for bedding. Try something a little more subtle, such as this set from Land of Nod — covered in a universe of stars, this set will satisfy your little wizard, but will also grow with them as they eventually move on to another fad.


Create the feeling of a Hogwarts classroom with a huge, oversized blackboard on the wall. You can easily make this a DIY project by painting the wall with blackboard chalk and framing it with decorative molding to create a blackboard look. Add a big chemistry-esque beaker of white chalk and let them go crazy creating their own magic spells and potions.


For some fun additions to a bookshelf — which is full of Harry Potter books, no doubt — add collections of Erlenmeyer flasks! They are fairly inexpensive accessories and can even be purchased in plastic instead of glass if you’re creating a room for a little one.

Banners from the four houses of Hogwarts — Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin — make great wall decoration. Consider hanging them from the ceiling instead of the wall to fill up the room and give it the feeling of the great hall from Hogwarts.

Harry Potter fans all know how much Harry loved playing quidditch, so incorporate that into your room with a broomstick display. You can purchase inexpensive fake brooksticks from your local costume supply shop (they usually have them for witch costumes), then spray-paint them fun colors to match your décor — or add metallics for a fun twist. Hang them in a row along a wall for a cool piece of art.


A mirror, just like the Mirror of Erised that Harry used in the movies, is a perfect addition to a Harry Potter-themed bedroom. You can purchase replicas of the mirror online or get creative by picking up a collection of old and eclectic mirrors from your local thrift shops — spray-paint them all in a dark bronze to give them an antique look and hang them together on the wall so that your little Harry Potter fan can find their heart’s desire, just like in the books and movies.

5Wall art

The biggest Harry Potter fans are sure to know a few good quotes from their favorite wizard. Pick a favorite and have it made into a wall decal. Some favorites include “It’s our choices who show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” (Dumbledore) and “Hearing voices nobody else can hear is never a good sign, even in the wizarding world” (Ron Weasley).

If your child is obsessed with the Harry Potter movies themselves, you can purchase posters for each movie for around $14 each. Pick up some simple poster frames at your local store and hang all eight movie posters on the wall for a dramatic effect.

For your Potter fan who reads the books over and over, go to your local frame store and purchase a handful of 5 x 7 frames. Have them pick out some of their favorite parts of the books and make photocopies of those pages to be put on display in the frames, so the passages that they love to read will be right there for them to see — perfect for hanging above a desk!

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