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Bedazzle yourself Harry Potter style

Wish you had some Harry Potter jewelry to flaunt at the upcoming premier (and more importantly, to wear every day after it)? Here are our top HP jewelry picks so that you always have a piece of magic close to your heart. These rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings will stand out in a crowd but fit right in with the rest of your wardrobe. They are ready to wear for any occasion.

Harry Potter Horcrux Ring

WB shop $55

This ring might not guarantee immorality like horcruxes in the books, but it’s just as powerful when it comes to style. And who knows, it could give you a few extra years. After all, quidditch has become a real sport.

Harry Potter Horcrux Ring from the WB shop


Lightning Bolt Necklace

Etsy $12

This simple lightning bolt is perfect for layering with a longer necklace or two, wearing alone as a staple piece, or pairing with other Harry Potter paraphernalia. Much like the Harry Potter series, it will never go out of style.

Etsy Lightning Bolt Necklace


Hermione’s Yule Ball Earrings

The Noble Collection $79

Hermione and you will now have more in common than just your love of Harry and Ron, your heartbreakingly good looks, and your impressive intellect. Wear these earrings to a fancy occasion or night out, or pair them with jeans and a blouse. There’s no doubt about it – they are charming.

Hemione's Yule Ball Earrings from The Noble Collection


Jamie Young Palace Collection

Ring $161

This ring is part of a collection that reminded us of a modern, elegant Harry Potter look. The stone is set in sterling silver and comes in a variety of colors. Wear this ring anywhere and everywhere. We’re pretty sure a potion wasn’t used to create this ring, but it sure looks magical to us.

Jamie Young Palace Collection


Harry Potter Vintage Looking Charm Bracelet

Etsy $78

This bracelet is bulky in the best way. Charms include wands, witches, owls, brooms and more. It has a vintage look and a personal touch. Choose which charms you want to wear when you want to wear them.

Harry Potter Vintage Looking Charm Bracelet from Etsy


Harry Potter Gryffindor Rubber Bracelet

Hot Topic $7

For those fashion risk takers, this Gryffindor bracelet is a bold way to show your HP devotion and vamp up your look. Mix and match it with bracelets of different widths and materials to give it a more versatile feel.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Rubber Bracelet from Hot Topic

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