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Leaked from celeb Nail Files: Mani-pedi tips and polish trends

A funky TV personality has just entered the reality airwaves. And surprise! She’s just the girl to give us tips for the perfect DIY manicure. Katie Cazorla owns The Painted Nail in Los Angeles and her new reality series, Nail Files, recently made its debut. SheKnows celebrity correspondent Whitney English had the opportunity to girl-talk with Katie about the hippest polish trends and how to make a manicure last.


Katie admits, “Unless you really want to feel spoiled, you could do a great service at home.” It’s tempting to spoil ourselves time and time again by going to the salon, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and work a little magic with the nail file ourselves.

Exfoliate and exfoliate more

“That’s the number one thing. Especially during the summer when skin gets very dry,” says Cazorla. She always tells clients to make sure they’re sloughing away dead skin. The idea: If you exfoliate right, you’ll rid your skin of dead cells and be left with a gorgeous, glowing hue.

Quality cuticle oil

Next up, invest in a top notch cuticle oil. “Cuticle oil can refresh your manicure; it can keep your cuticles from pulling and getting dry.” Katie even goes as far as to reccommend daily use of cuticle oil on the bottoms of your feet, tops of toes, knuckles, elbows and around your fingers. According to Katie, “It’s a miracle worker.”

Top coat protection

“Another great thing to do to maintain, when you polish your nails, is top coat. If you put top coat on your nails every 2-3 days, you can really extend the life of your manicure.” Think about all those summer activities that take a toll on a fresh mani-pedi and how a simple top coat can salvage the beauty on your fingertips.

At-home scrub

Katie comments that she loves the all organic vanilla peppermint scrub in her own line but no matter what scrubs you have lying around, she urges you to scrub-a-dub away. For an at-home recipe that will bring on the shine, she says to combine brown sugar and oil. Or try this beauty find: A brown sugar and vanilla scrub >>

the polish radar: hot shades and nail art

Blues are back! Electric blues to be specific. “Anything that has a blue shimmer or bright, fun blues that pop.” Katie is also noticing a nail trend that shows off more than one shade. “Painting one nail a different color than the rest is a very trendy, fun thing to do.”

Of course, anything with glitter will be a hit. “You’re wearing open toed shoes all summer long,” Katie points out. Why not sport a little sparkle? Finally Katie leaves us with some final words of mani-pedi wisdom, “Corals and oranges are super hot.”

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