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Starting a business: 6 Tips from a celebrity salon owner

Katie Cazorla, owner and operator of The Painted Nail in Los Angeles, has proved that she means business. Her spontaneous lifestyle and celebrity clientele may have scored her a new reality series, but we discovered that beneath her outgoing personality there is a business-minded woman. SheKnows Celebrity Correspondent, Whitney English sat down with Katie to talk about how she grabbed life’s lemons and turned them into a juicy, blooming business.

6 rules help you blossom a successful business

As she continues to grow her new business, a unique nail salon in the heart of L.A., Katie Cazorla offers some good go-to tips for starting a business in an industry you’re passionate about. These six tips stood out as Whitney and Katie chatted about what it takes to be a successful career woman.

Do your homework

That’s right, ladies, research. “Go and see what other businesses are doing, what you like and don’t like,” says Katie. “Do it everywhere; exhaust yourself.” Sure, it’s hard work, but every extra mile that you go will help you gain a bigger and better payoff, Katie reassures us. It’s very important to do your research.

Pick a path you’re passionate about

“You have to have absolute, 100 percent passion for what you’re doing, because if you don’t, I think you burn out very easily. You’re in it for the long haul and you have to be there to make it work. So pick something you love,” Katie advises. This blonde bombshell couldn’t be more right. We asked Katie if she faced any challenges as a female business owner and she thought we were crazy. She points out that she picked a path she loved, beauty, and her passion for the industry has fueled her fire ever since.

Do what others are not

This is where your homework comes into play. Asked about how she made her business stand out, Katie told us, “I did all of the things that I thought were lacking in other nail salons.” Find ways to make your business unique when it’s stacked up against what’s already on the market; target what’s missing in the industry you’re breaking into.

Be present in your workplace

“I’m a very present person in my business. Simply being there a lot is a good thing for an owner.” Good call, Katie. Surely, no one should know more about your own business than you do. Being present in the work environment will not only help you to operate more effectively, it will help you build solid relationships with your employees.

Don’t underestimate word-of-mouth

Sure, there are ad agencies that can push you toward success. However, you have to do some advertising yourself. One of Katie’s business-savvy strategies was to set aside funding to offer discounted services and comped products. This kind of gesture will get people talking about your business, brand and specialties.

Business first, party later

“I try to have a social life and go on date nights, but work always seems to come first. Since my business is so new, I think people are understanding of that.” By no means do we suggest forgetting about every other important element in your life, but when you’re starting a career, make your business a priority and surround yourself with people who will understand that. “Right now I want to be successful — and when I am successful then maybe I will have time to sit back and do the fun things.”


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