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10 Questions to ask your doctor before having a cosmetic procedure

Karen Wheeler

Everyone wants to look and feel good about themselves, but as we age we lose confidence in our appearance as wrinkles form, skin sags and that healthy glow of youth diminishes. Luckily, times are changing.

Woman having plastic surgery consultation

Defying time and gravity

Growing older does not have to be synonymous with looking (or feeling) that way anymore. Today we can reduce, prevent and even erase the signs of aging with little pain or down time. Aesthetic treatments ranging from injections to laser, light based and radio frequency (RF) treatments, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, facial lines, unwanted hair, broken blood vessels, large pores, acne scars, cellulite and much more.

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Study up

The idea of a younger looking appearance sounds great, but you alone cannnot decide if an aesthetic treatment is right for you. Many physician’s offices, laser clinics and medical spas offer free consultations, so call and make an appointment. Just remember, the questions you ask your provider are just as important as the treatment itself. Even the simplest procedure can carry potential risks, particularly when performed by someone who is not properly trained.

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Questions for your doctor

Whether a registered nurse, esthetician, laser technician or board certified physician is performing your procedure, asking well thought out questions is essential to ensuring a positive experience. To get you started, below are ten sample questions to ask when meeting with your aesthetic provider for the first time.

1What does the selected procedure entail, what type of laser will be used, and why will that one be selected?

2How many patients have you treated with this laser/treatment?

2How many years of experience do you have treating this condition?

4What sort of results can I expect from this machine/treatment?

5How many treatment sessions are required to achieve the results I want and how much does each treatment session cost?

6How long is the downtime for this treatment?

7Are there any risks for my skin type and physical condition?

8What are the potential complications that can happen, and what will you do if they do indeed happen?

8Do you have any positive testimonials or before/after photos of patients you have treated?

8Will the treatment be conducted by you or by someone else? What training does that person have?

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